Bianca Torres

“UTSA shaped my future without me even knowing it. It all started with me meeting one of my best friends in Business Stats, who encouraged me to apply to study abroad. I got accepted to compete in an accelerated entrepreneurship contest in Italy and I fell in love with traveling. On this trip, I built relationships that led to me working in the College of Business International Office (COBi), where I met the love of my life through an exchange program.

Working at COBi, I also met a lifelong friend who randomly sent me a job description that he thought I would be perfect for. I applied for this dream job that would allow me to interact with people all over the world and travel. Not even a week later, a few days before graduation, I got the offer and accepted. I have now been working at my dream job for six months, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been all over the world and I’ve made lifelong connections.

All thanks to the people and experiences that UTSA brought into my life.”

~ Bianca Torres, Class of 2018