Eric Bendle

“So, I was going through a rough patch shortly after graduating from UTSA and was feeling a bit down, so my brother and his friends invited me to join them at the Roost, where the Student Union is now. There was a bunch of other folks there, of course, most of whom I didn't know. I ended up seated next to a young lady who was a friend of a friend. We got to talking and found out we had a lot of the same interests, including playing racquetball. We decided to meet up that weekend for a racquetball game, where she proceeded to kick my behind (severely) in three games. Turns out she's quite an athlete...proficient in basketball, tennis, racquetball, volleyball...pretty much any sport (even chess!). Well, long and short of it, we dated for quite a while, got ourselves married to each other and now have two teenage boys!”

~ Eric Bendle