Elizabeth (Neta) Greene

Favorite memory: “Graduation night for me, Elizabeth (Neta) Greene (M.Ed., 2009), with family there to celebrate.

My son, Major Hayden (B.S., 2004) and his wife, Rachel, posed with my husband, Gary Greene. At this moment, I do not think any of us would have guessed the connections we made to the brand of UTSA. Major returned to support the work of establishing a presence in cybersecurity, mentoring new students, supporting a new football team and being one of the first to purchase yearly season tickets. I stayed in touch with my leadership cohort, moved into an Administrative position, brought UTSA programs in to support my initiatives and worked to support alumni functions.

Now we personify the brand...loyalty, support and belief in the sky as a limit. Congratulations, UTSA, on 50 Years of Excellence and Vision!”

~ Elizabeth (Neta) Greene, Class of 2009