Evelyn Hunt

“Back in 2002, my twin sister and I started college together in the spring. During the term, my twin wanted to join a theater club here on campus. She joined late, so she did not get a part in the play since it was already full, but the director for the play (also a student here at UTSA) let her in for technical crew.

I wanted to go see the performance on opening night, so I went along with my sister. Being in the technical crew, she had to arrive one hour early to help set up in the Business Building Auditorium. I did not want to go inside while they set up, so I waited outside and started to read a book. A few minutes later, the director came in the building with a box of props and looked at me confused. He asked if I was taking a break, but the way it sounded was kind of like he was saying it as a joke. I smiled and casually went back to reading.

When he entered the theater, he saw my sister and became even more confused. The only thing he asked my sister was, "How did you get inside so fast?" My sister had to explain to him that we were twins and introduced us. Since then, we dated throughout our college career here at UTSA, got married in 2006, and we are still together. ”

~ Evelyn Hunt, Class of 2012