Jacob Przyojski

“I studied for part of my undergrad and all of my Ph.D. at UTSA. I found the chemistry department to be perfect for me because of the size and quality. I was able to really stretch out and pursue my interests with what I believe is a rare amount of support from professors in the department compared to other universities.

My professor/mentor/friend, Dr. Zachary Tonzetich, was an incredible influence, both personally and professionally. Dr. Tonzetich had incredible patience, integrity and the kind of concern for the success of his students that leads to one great accomplishment after another.

After graduating, I went to do a post-doc with Nobel laureate Richard Schrock at MIT. After my time at MIT, I began a career as a product developer with the German company, tesa tape, inc. After about one year, I was promoted and became the first American lab manager, and the youngest. ”

~ Jacob Przyojski, Class of 2011, 2016