Jason Stange

“I will always carry fond memories of UTSA. Engineering majors, as I remember my days, spend the majority of their time hitting the books, running simulations on the computer, or working as part of study groups. It was in those study groups where I created some of my most cherished memories from my time at UTSA. We all struggled through the frustration, difficulty and adversity of our coursework together. Sharing the burdens of working toward our degrees made the impossible seem possible. They taught me that a strong will, drive, determination and occasionally a helping hand can overcome anything.

Whenever I am having a rough time at work, I reach back to those days and remember that I’m not alone in my struggles. Thank you to my fellow engineering students for making my time at UTSA something that I will always hold in the highest regard. They truly were some of the happiest times of my young adult life!” 

~ Jason Stange, Class of 2012, Electrical Engineering