Miranda Miller

“I was a transfer student and one day was told by a friend to come to an SGA meeting. I did, not knowing that SGA would give me my fiancé, Frankie Trynoski.

He was the student affairs co-chair at the time, but he also became my friend. He would help me study, help me with any questions I had in regards to making my initiatives come to light.

Eventually, he became the VP, I became a Senior Senator – and, as our relationship progressed, we grew so much as people, getting ready for post-graduation and making sure we had the grades to even graduate. Our graduation ceremonies were on the same day, and what I remember most, when my name was called, is him on the rails closest to the ground screaming my name and cheering me on.

I never thought that a joining a student organization that helped me develop as a student leader and gave me so many other friends, would give me my partner in life. We just moved into our SECOND apartment together, we have a dog and cat together, and we are planning our wedding right here in San Antonio as Frankie prepares for law school and I work as a recruiter for a technology services company.”

~ Miranda Miller, Class of 2017