Noel Montenegro

“An organization that made the biggest difference in my time here was the Catholic Student Association. For so long, I tried to go along in life thinking I didn’t need anyone. It wasn’t until I found them that I realized just what I was missing. Friendship. Laughter. Trust. Love. 

Fast forward to now, I am now the co-president of the Catholic Student Association, and I have gotten the chance to see and do many beautiful things because of the beautiful souls there. One of those things was them pushing me to record my own music in the studio over the summer. So, this last summer, I interned at a professional music studio in El Paso, Texas called Beacon Hill Recording Studios, and I finally decided to record songs that were closest to my heart. 

It wasn’t until my friends at the Catholic Student Center pushed me (very much!) to release the song that I finally did. The song was released Monday, December 3, and it has been received very well. I am so grateful to all of my family in CSA that made my life brighter and made a difference in my life. None of it would have possible, however, if we all didn’t have to opportunity to go to UTSA together.”

~ Noel Montenegro, Class of 2019, Psychology and Communication