UTSA Students

How it Works

rowdy.png This page is intended for UTSA students. If you're attending another San Antonio university, you can find more information on our Crosstown page.

Air Force ROTC DET 842 is located at UTSA’s Main Campus in the Graduate Studies and Research Building, room 1.220B. By all means, please stop by and meet the staff before the semester begins. We’re here to help you. We can answer any questions you have and give you a short tour of the detachment area. In fact, we advise you to meet with us before you register for ROTC so we can verify your eligibility to start the program and tell you when the New Cadet Orientation is scheduled.

Joining the program is as simple as registering for our Aerospace Studies class. As a new cadet, you can expect to spend about five hours in ROTC activities per week. You can register for either a Tuesday or Thursday 1-credit hour class (see below). When you register for class, you'll also be automatically registered for a 2-hour lab on Thursday 4:00-5:45. Make sure you don't have any class schedule conflicts. Finally, you'll join the cadet corps for physical training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. If you have any questions about registering, call us at (210) 458-4624.

If you have less than 36 credit hours when you join, you’ll need to register for:

(Fall) ASC 1031 Foundation of the US Air Force I

(Spring) ASC 1041 Foundation of the US Air Force II

If you have more than 36 undergraduate credit hours, contact the Unit Admissions Officer to find out which ASC class you should sign up for.


You must be medically qualified to enter the military. As an eligibility requirement, we’ll make arrangements to send you for a physical exam during the second semester. There are two separate appointments and these could take several hours. It’s often easier for students to get this done before classes begin. If you want, come in and ask us how to arrange this physical exam during the summer or winter break. Bring a copy of your class registration so we see that you’ve signed up for the correct Aerospace Studies class. We’ll also give you information on how to prepare for the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test.