Enlisted Commissioning

enlisted.jpgMany enlisted personnel are not aware of all the commission opportunities available to them. If you are interested in earning a degree to commission as an officer, UTSA is the host university for Air Force ROTC in San Antonio.

Air Force ROTC offers three enlisted commissioning programs available to enlisted members: ASCP, SOAR, and POC-ERP. Even members from other services can apply for ASCP and POC-ERP. ROTC cadets earn a commission upon graduation from college (no OTS attendance). The SLECP-A and NECP programs are not affiliated with ROTC. SLECP-A and NECP students are not ROTC cadets. SLECP-A and NECP students attend and earn their commission from OTS after graduation.

**Note: as of 2008, book money has increased to $900 per year, and stipend range has increased to $300-500 per month.

The base education office is your point of contact for all enlisted commissioning programs. Access your Virtual Education Center from the AF portal. **Note: only accessible from .mil domain

Click here for ROTC qualifications.

Interested in knowing how much of your CCAF degree will transfer to UTSA? Here's a link of all courses UTSA will accept as transfer credit.

ASCP The Airman Scholarship and Commissioning Program (ASCP) offers active duty enlisted personnel the opportunity to earn a commission while completing their bachelor's degree as an Air Force ROTC cadet. Those selected separate from the active duty Air Force, join an Air Force ROTC detachment and become a full-time college student with a 2-4 year scholarship.

POC-ERP The Professional Officer Course-Early Release Program (POC-ERP) offers active duty enlisted personnel who can complete all bachelor's degree and commission requirements within two years an opportunity for an early release from active duty to enter Air Force ROTC. Those selected separate from active duty, join an Air Force ROTC detachment and become a full-time college student.

SOAR Similar to ASCP, the Scholarships for Outstanding Airman to ROTC (SOAR) allows enlisted personnel to separate from active duty and enlisted in the AFR-Obligated Reserve Section to accept the scholarships and enroll in AFROTC.