Life at ROTC


What is AFROTC?

The Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) provides undergraduate students the opportunity to become a United States Air Force or Space Force officer while completing their college degree. The program, combining traditional college education with military instruction, will prepare you to tackle the leadership challenges awaiting you in the Air Force and Space Force of the 21st century. Unless you're already on an ROTC scholarship, you'll have no initial commitment for your first term--check out the program and see if it is for you.

Cadet Life

Being a college student is unlike any other time in your life. College should be intellectually challenging, but it should also but fun. Air Force ROTC only enhances your college experience. You're just like any other student. Live in the dorm. Join a fraternity or sorority. Play intramural sports. The difference is in the elective courses you take. In addition to your regular college courses, you enroll in one AFROTC course per semester through the Department of Aerospace Studies. If you do not attend UTSA, you will still take the AFROTC courses at UTSA as a crosstown student. These courses, along with a two-week summer course, provide the framework for your officer training.



Leadership Lab

In AFROTC, we do not simply teach you about leadership, we give you a chance to put learning into action. The weekly leadership laboratory is a cadet-run activity, planned and carried out by senior cadets. Activities can include drill and ceremony instruction, physical fitness training, sports competition, and guest speaker presentations. Besides conducting leadership laboratories, you will help lead and manage the cadet organization to prepare yourself for your future responsibilities as a second lieutenant.

Field Training

Field training is an intensive, 13-day program that you attend in the summer after your sophomore year. This rigorous program involves physical conditioning, weapons exposure, and survival training. As an insight to expeditionary operations, Field Training is your opportunity to develop your skills and as both a leader and team member.