Who does the BIT respond to?

BIT reports can be submitted about students, faculty, and staff.  The BIT will review all submitted cases.  Communication and interventions for students, faculty, and staff may vary based on the affiliation of the reporter and person of concern.  Campus resource availability is limited when non-affiliated persons present concerning behavior. 

What typically happens after a BIT report is submitted?

Once a report is received, a response occurs generally during regular business hours.  Here are important next steps to know…

  1. A member of the BIT may contact the source of the report to gather or clarify information. 
  2. The BIT will communicate to determine if there are immediate interventions that should occur. 
  3. The interventions will be implemented and evaluated. 
  4. Situations will be monitored. 

What typically happens for the person who is being referred to the BIT?

The BIT aims to eliminate or reduce distress and concerning behavior.  Several different interventions can help to do that.  The connection to appropriate resources is typical.

BIT Guidelines