The Roundtable Topic Series is an open discussion format, bring your own lunch, opportunity to visit with colleagues on relevant development topics and challenges we may be facing. Two co-hosts will lead the discussions, but these are not presentations. The idea is to create dialogue from each of our own experiences and learn from one another. Please feel free to bring additional challenges/topics/questions that we can get to if time allows.


Hybrid-UTSA Main Campus AET 2.316 and on Microsoft Teams

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Roundtable Topic Series meeting

Wednesday, March 6

  • Topic: Introducing Planned Giving into a Donor Conversation
  • Co Hosts: Kim West, Assistant Vice President for Development and Laura Salfan, Assistant Director of Planned Giving

Wednesday, April 3

  • Topic: Preparing Yourself (and others) for a Donor Meeting
  • Co Hosts: Corey Cowart, Chief Development Officer for the College of Education & Human Development and Lisa Hernandez, Chief Development Officer for the College for Health, Community & Policy

Wednesday, May 1

  • Topic: Events, when do we need ‘em and when do we leave ‘em
  • Co Hosts: Cassandra Salazar, Chief Development Officer for the Alvarez College of Business and Jessica Hernandez, Chief Development Officer for the College of Liberal & Fine Arts