Lean Thinking for Leaders

Lean, made famous by the Toyota Production System (TPS), is an organization-wide process of focused, continuous and incremental innovation and structured approach to problem solving. Successful implementation is challenging and requires very specific leadership behaviors. This course describes in detail five practices found useful by leaders striving to make Lean Thinking a reality in their organizations.

The course consists of one day (eight hours) of guided discussion of fundamental concepts and practical leadership skills found useful by leaders who have successfully led Lean implementation. In addition to guided discussions, the course uses exercises, case studies and simulations to reinforce learning outcomes.

UTSA Lean Six Sigma Training

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, participants are expected to:

Understand and apply the five (5) critical leadership behaviors necessary to successfully implement Lean Thinking and Practices in their organizations.
Actively coach, engage, encourage, support and work side-by-side in teams working to reduce waste, solve problems and implement meaningful, necessary change in their organizations.

Expert Instructors

Lean and Six Sigma training programs are taught by faculty and fellows from UTSA's Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Systems (CAMLS).

UTSA Dr. Hung-da Wan
Hung-da Wan, Ph.D.
UTSA Bob Hamm
Robert Hamm, Ph.D.
UTSA David “Naks” Bernacki
David “Naks” Bernacki, LSS-MBB

Course Outline

  • Module 1 – Make Lean Thinking a Habit
    • No Process will Last Forever
    • A Structured Approach to Problem Solving
    • The Challenge for Leaders…Dealing with Change
    • Case Study/Introduction
  • Module 2 – Develop and Communicate Your Vision
    • Develop a Sense of Urgency
    • Ensure Strategy Alignment & Deployment
    • Keeping it Simple; the Strategy Map
    • Use SMART Metrics to Identify Opportunities for Improvement
    • Case Study/Build a Simple Strategy Map
  • Module 3 – Embed Learning in the Organization’s Culture
    • Characteristics of the Learning Organization
    • Believe in Your Team; Theory Y NOT Theory X
    • How Adults Learn
    • Leading Change
    • Exercise: Learning Styles Preference Inventory
  • Module 4 – Demonstrate Commitment
    • Build and Invest in Your Team
    • Use Simple Problem Statements to Set Clear Expectations
    • Actively Participate in Lean Activities
    • Be A Coach
    • Case Study/Write a Charter
  • Module 5 – Understand and Embrace the Lean Tools
    • Lean Principles
    • Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety
    • The 8 Types of Waste
    • Simple Lean Tools
    • Case Study/Apply Lean Tools; ABC Simulation
  • Module 6 – Build on Successes; Learn from Failures
    • The Power of Quick Wins
    • The Leader’s Reaction Makes all the Difference
    • Hire, Reward, Promote and Develop Those Willing to Apply Lean
    • Allocate Lean Resources to Lean Action Plans
    • Standardize Successful Processes
    • Celebrate!

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What's included:
  • Binders of Course Materials
  • Classroom Learning and Discussions
  • Multimedia Demonstrations
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Services certificate.
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