Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

Instruction is led by faculty from the UTSA Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Systems

The course consists of five days of lecture-based coverage of topics in Lean, Six-Sigma, and two days of individual hands-on, on-site project formulation and guidance resulting in significant operational savings and/or enhancement of product/service quality.

In order to ensure the learning effectiveness, each industry participant must be allowed (by his/her employer) to use at least 20% of his/her regular work time during the certification program period of time for completion the required project.

Each student participant must complete two improvement projects at student’s employment site. The projects are expected to produce significant impact of at least $50,000 savings and/or on service/product quality enhancements.

UTSA Lean Six Sigma Training

Our Approach

Leveling Up with Lean

Black Belt is the next step in the Lean transformation process after Green Belt and includes formal lectures alongside two project formulations that showcase the participants' understanding of Lean and Six Sigma concepts, tools, and techniques.

Engineering Faculty-led

All Lean and Six Sigma courses are led by faculty from the UTSA College of Engineering. Lean and Six Sigma instructors are subject matter experts who embed a depth of experiential knowledge, alongside contemporary theory, in their courses.

Everyone Can Benefit

Personnel in all levels of the organization are welcome, including company executives, managers, engineers, front-line and office staff. Personnel in all sectors including service providers, manufacturers, and general offices can benefit.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the participants are expected to:

Student participants will demonstrate the learning effectiveness via actual project definition, exploration, and implementation at their employing organizations.
Student participants will be able to independently conduct Lean Six Sigma projects that lead to significant operational savings and become leaders of such projects.
Student participants will be able to mentor Green and Yellow Belts in pursuing Lean Enterprise Transformation of their employing organizations.

Course Outline

The outline below displays course progress including the lecture portion and one carry-out project. Black Belt participants are required to complete two projects. The timeline for the second project will begin after the completion of the first project.

01Lecture Portion

Five days of intensive course coverage of Lean and Six Sigma related topics including tools, methodologies, change management, and daily practices.

02Carry-out Projects

An aggregate of four days of individual monitoring and consultation sessions. Each participant must complete an improvement project at student’s employment site.

03Total Course Time

Total program time span: 12-20 weeks (depending on actual progress made by student participants and support/cooperation from the sponsoring organizations)

  • Lecture Portion (8:30am-4:30pm)
    • Lean Basics, Office Kaizen (Improvement) and Applications
    • Lean Tools, Methodologies and Value Stream Mapping
    • Six-Sigma I: Overview, Statistics Boot Camps
    • Six Sigma II: Quality & Process Capability, DMAIC Processes & Tools
    • Lean Transformation, Planning, Change Management, and Daily Practice
  • Project Initiation & Definition Sessions

    Instructor(s) meet with participants at UTSA or on-site at sponsoring organizations at a mutually agreed upon time slots.

  • First Carry Out Project

    Individual participants produce current state map, identify lean improvement ideas/tools and the future state map with DMAIC process and tools, implementations and data collections.

  • Project Mentoring, Guidance and Evaluation

    Instructors meet with Individual participants to review progress and results and to provide guidance and rectify project results.

  • Project Showcasing Day

    Wrapping up the project with written reports due. Participants to present their findings in a project showcasing day (to be determined). All sponsoring employers are invited.

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Discounts Available

Group Discount

Bring two colleagues and receive a 10% discount on all three registrations!

Prior LSS Certification

Already achieved a Green Belt Certification? Provide proof of certification from a formally recognized organization such as ASQ, an equivalent university program, or AF program and receive $2,000 off.


May 22-26, 2023

Lecture Portion: 8:00am-5:00pm
What's included:
  • All workbooks and course handouts
  • Multimedia demonstrations
  • Hands-on simulations
  • Review and discussion of case studies
  • On-Site Definition, Implementation and Mentoring of Projects
  • Real World Project Formulation
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Systems Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt Certificate.
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