Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, participants are expected to:

Understand the core concepts, terminology, and principles of Lean and Six Sigma
Discuss how manufacturing concepts apply to service industries and office operations
Describe, in detail, eight wastes, lean metrics, and multiple lean tools
Understand and apply the five critical leadership behaviors necessary to successfully implement Lean Thinking and Practices in their organizations.
Actively coach, engage, encourage, support and work side-by-side in teams working to reduce waste, solve problems and implement meaningful, necessary change.

Course Outline

This short courses consist of two days of lecture-based coverage of topics in Lean and Six Sigma and leader’s Lean practices. As an introductory course, this workshop is suitable for everyone having an interest in learning and practicing continuous improvement in office and management.

  • Day One: Lean Services and Office Kaizen
    Lean Thinking is not just for manufacturing. This part of the short course introduces applications of Lean concepts on non-manufacturing operations to identify waste and enhance value-adding processes.
  • Day Two: Lean Thinking and Practices for Leaders
    Leadership is an essential building block for the successful implementation of Lean Thinking. This part of the course describes leadership behaviors critical to the successful implementation of Lean in any organization.

One Day Trainings

Yellow Belt for Lean Office and Leadership combines two courses: Lean Services/Office Kaizen and Lean Thinking and Practices for Leaders. Participants may also choose to enroll in only one day of the combined course. Find registration information below.

Lean Thinking and Practices for Leaders
Lean Services and Office Kaizen

Group Discount Available

Bring two colleagues and receive a 10% discount on all three registrations!
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What's included:
  • Digital Course Materials
  • Classroom Learning and Discussions
  • Case Studies
Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Lean Services certificate.
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