Construction Award Notifications

Project No. Project Name Awarded To
743-16-101316SC Text needed Text needed
Project No. Project Name Awarded To
743-16-101316SC Large Scale Structural Testing Facility Main Campus - Structural Testing Facility (High Bay) Turner Construction Company
743-16-102616SC DM FY16 PE Replace AHU #30 and any Related Work The Brandt Companies, LLC
743-16-111716SC-A DB Renovate to move Depatment from Wash St. Durango Building, Room 2.100, Demolition Only Phase I Alpha Building Corp.
743-17-010517SC DB Renovate to move Department from Wash St Durango Bldg, Room 2.100, Demolition Only Phase II Boden, LLC
743-17-011317SC DBB Convert 1st floor to conference center Downtown Campus, Durango Building, 1st floor Boden, LLC
743-17-012017SC Tobin and Devine Parking Lots Main Campus The Trevino Group, Inc.
Project No. Project Name Awarded To
743-15-122115SC Welch Chair Cleary Zimmermann
743-16-020816SC UC II Retama Room Renovations & Related Work (PP-21322161) Sabinal Group, LLC
743-16-030316SC JPL Remodel Food Court Sabinal Group, LLC
743-16-031616SC DM FY14 Indoor Air Quality Improvements and any Related Work - University of Texas at San Antonio Blackmon Mooring
743-16-032116SC Secondary Distribution Panel Replacement and Any Related Work Zachman Enterprises, Inc.
743-16-032316-A NTEP MCC Upgrades - The University of Texas at San Antonio Zachman Enterprises, Inc.
743-16-032316-B South Thermal Energy Plant Condenser Water System Repair TMT Solutions, Inc.
743-16-032816SC MBT Related Deficiencies and Related Work Sabinal Group, LLC
743-16-040116SC Arts Air Handler #50 and Any Related Work Mission Plumbing
743-16-041216SCA Lerr FY15 Teaching Space Renovations and Related Work Alpha Building Corp.
743-16-041216SC DM FY16 Main Brenan Road Repair and Related Work Alpha Building Corp.
743-16-041416SC Install DSX Readers on All Exterior Doors Phase I and Related Work Alpha Building Corp.
743-16-042116SC John Peace Library Fire & Life Safety Compliance and Related Work (PP-21504467) Alpha Building Corp.
743-16-042716SC Steam System Upgrades and Any Related Work REC Industries
743-16-062216SC Roof Repair and Coating for BSA and SEL Building Cleanology Service & Supply
Project No. Project Name Awarded To
743-15-091614AA Oval & Peace Circle Improvements Cancelled
743-15-091914AA Convocation Center Fire & Life Safety Upgrades Jacobs Engineering Group
743-15-092214AA Registered Accessibility Specialist Services Under Evaluation
743-15-092614AA UCII Retama Room Renovation OCO LPA
743-15-100114AA Facility Conditions & Roof Assessments Under Evaluation
743-15-101314AA Refurbish AHU-52 R.E.C. Industries
743-15-111314AA Tri-Campus Fire & Life Safety Deficiencies Chesney Morales & Associates, Inc.
743-15-112414AA BSE 2014 Envelope Repair J.T. Vaughn Construction, LLC
743-15-120914AA Flawn HVAC Improvements Alpha Building Corp.
743-15-121714AA Recreation Center Pool Byrne Construction Services
743-15-010815AA Convocation Center - Storage Areas Alpha Building Corp.
743-15-030315AA Football Locker Room Remodel Cofield Group, LLC
743-15-030315SC Tri Campus Elevator Maintenance Services ThyssenKrupp Elevator
743-15-031715AA McKinney Humanities Building Lecture Hall Renovations Cancelled
743-15-032315SC Flawn Building 1st Floor Restrooms Alpha Building Corp.
743-15-042215SC McKinney Lecture Hall Renovations Sabinal Group
Project No. Project Name Awarded To
31401089 Tri-Campus Elevator Maintenance Service ThyssenKrupp Elevator
31401121 Waste & Recycling Services Texas Disposal Systems
31401203 Correct MBT Lab Deficiencies Under Evaluation
31401223 Ximenes Ave. Modifications Cancelled
31401637 Fire Lane & Recycling Pad Installation Civil Engineering Consultants
31401674 Housing & Resident Life Painting Smith Painting
31401686 West Campus Drainage Replacement Cancelled
31401758 Recreation Center Pool Facilities & Related Work Marmon Mok
31401843 Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Cancelled
31401994 Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Under Evaluation
31402005 BSB FY13 Roof Replacement Topside Contracting
31402023 LERR & DM FY13 McKinney Humanities Lecture Hall Renovations Jacobs Engineering
31402049 LERR & DM FY13 Bldg. Safety Renewal Sabinal Group
31402092 Oval Landscape Improvements CFZ Group
743-14-063014AA New Locker Rooms for Baseball / Softball Sabinal Group

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