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Faculty Senate Members


UTSA College of Engineering and Integrated Design

John Alexander (2024)
Department of Architecture

August (Gus) Allo (2023)
Department of Non-Tenure Track Representative

Drew Johnson (2023)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Sandeep Langar (2022)
Department of Construction Science and Management

Sue Ann Pemberton (2023)
Department of Architecture

Jeffrey Prevost (2024)
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gabriela Romero Uribe (2024)
Department of Architecture

College of Business

Dennis Lopez (2024)
Department of Accounting

John Wald (2022)
Department of Finance

Huy Le (2022)
Department of Management

Victor DeOliveria (2024)
Department of Management Science and Statistics

Daniel Hollas (2023)
Department of Economics

Maho Sonmez (2024)
Fixed-term Tenure Track Representative

Charles Liu (2023)
Information Systems & Cyber Security

Rick Gretz (2023)
Department of Marketing

College of Engineering

Kiran Bhaganagar (2023)
Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Education and Human Development

Becky Huang (2022)
Department of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies

Devon Romero (2023)
Department of Counseling

Curtis Brewer (2022)
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Felicia Castro-Villareal (2023)
Department of Educational Psychology

Rica Ramirez (2022)
Department of Interdisciplinary Learning and Teaching

Sonya Aleman (2022)
Department of Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality Studies

College of Liberal and Fine Arts

Brian Davies (2022)
Department of History

Whitney Chappell (2023)
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

Kimberly Fonzo (2023)
Department of English

Kim Kline (2022)
Department of Communication

Marcus Hamilton (2024)
Department of Anthropology

Humberto Saenz (2024)
Department of Art and Art History

Matthias Hofferberth (2022)
Department of Political Science and Geography

S. Andrew Lloyd (2023)
Department of Music

Matthias Hofferberth (2022)
Department of Political Science and Geography

David Hansen (2022)
Fixed-term Tenure Track Representative

College of Sciences

James Chambers (2024)
Department of Biology

Mike Doyle (2022)
Department of Chemistry

Rajendra Boppana (2022)
Department of Computer Science

Brian Laub (2023)
Department of Environmental Science and Ecology

Alexis Godet (2022)
Department of Geological Sciences

Hector Aguilar (2024)
Fixed-term Tenure Track Representative

Lorenzo Brancaleon (2023)
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dmitry Gokhan (2024)
Department of Mathematics

College for Health, Community and Policy

Ginny Garcia-Alexander (2022)
Department of Sociology

William Land (2023)
Department of Kinesiology

Mary McNaughton-Cassill (2023)
Department of Psychology

Rene Zenteno (2023)
Department of Demography

Emily Nicklett (2023)
Department of Social Work

Zenong Yin (2023)
Department of Public Health

Roger Enriquez (2022)
Department of Criminal Justice

Branco Ponomariov (2024)
Department of Public Administration

Gina Amatangelo (2022)
Fixed-term Tenure Track Representative

University College

Lauren Riojas-Fitzpatrick (2024)
Fixed-term Tenure Track Representative

Ex-Officio Members

Chad Mahood
Chair, Faculty Senate

Chris Packham
Secretary of the General Faculty

Jurgen Engelberth
Chair, Graduate Council

Diane Abdo
Representative, Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars

Emily Bonner
Past Faculty Senate Chair