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Honorable Quest

The university’s newest faculty members come from around the globe and bring with them unique expertise and research.

Boomtown, Texas

It seems to have happened overnight. With the discovery of the Eagle Ford Shale, small towns across the southern half of Texas are dealing with more people, more housing needs and more money.

Honorable Quest Boomtown, Texas

The Paseo A Stroll Around Campus

walking in their shoes
Walking in their Shoes

ITC exhibit navigates visitors through the dips and turns of the immigration experience

Music with Brains
Music with Brains

Neuroscientist and radiology prof trades labs for jazz

Something to Smile About
Something to Smile About

New cosmetics model smiles for a mission

It’s Not All Rock ’n’ Roll
It’s Not All
Rock ’n’ Roll

A music career means learning the ins and outs of the business

By the Numbers
In Brief
Nobel Nolan

Doctoral student Amanda Nolan was one of 600 scientists chosen to attend the Meeting of Nobel Laureates and Students.

Breaking Ground

Sue Ann Pemberton recently was elected to serve as president of the San Antonio Conservation Society for the 2013–2014 term.

What a Rush

Hundreds rush onto the Alamodome football field to usher in their team.

Rowdy’s Home

Roadrunners raised more than $31,000 to purchase a 1,000-pound roadrunner statue and begin a new tradition.

Big Tex Resurrection

Two UTSA alumni repair and resurrect a Texas icon.

Roadrunner Sports
Athlete Spotlight

Meet Jeromie Hill, the basketball team's award-winning power forward and resident Aussie.

Sports Briefs

Find out what's been going on with UTSA Athletics this semester.

Community Uniting Our Alumni

Alumni Profiles
Still Serving

William O. Dawson III ’10, M.P.A. ’13

Unreal World

Anwei Chen ’08

UTSA Alumni
Class Notes

Compilation of alumni submissions and reports from newspapers and other media outlets

In Memoriam

Editor's Note

What do you want?


"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."

- Oprah Winfrey

If you could follow your dream, any dream, what would you do?

As I ate lunch in the Sombrilla one recent fall afternoon, I was forced to think about that question. It was staring me in the face in vivid red marker on a presentation board that had to be at least eight feet tall and 16 feet wide. “If you could pursue your dream with no fear of failure, what would you do?”

A crowd was gathered around the board and occasionally a brave soul would step forward, pick up a marker and start jotting down an answer. I watched with curiosity and with just a little bit of age-weary amusement.

So what would I do?

It’s a loaded question, for sure. But one that was easier to answer when I was a kid.


Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and astronaut.

Famous musician.

Back then I had no fear of failure, no little voice in my head pointing out what was impractical or unachievable. I couldn’t do a cartwheel, but I still believed I could somersault my way onto the most famous football field in the world. I was afraid of heights but dreamed of flying to the moon. I’m a shy introvert but I believed that someday I would perform for a packed audience at the Palais Garnier, the Paris Opera House.

And then I grew up.

That little voice in my head got louder and more persistent. I started thinking about what was the smartest path, the one that made sense. Words like “responsible,” “honorable” and “economical” started beating incessant rhythms in my head.

The dreams stopped coming.

So on that recent fall day, I walked up to the presentation board, a lot older, a little bit wiser and with just a sliver remaining of the dreamer in me.

And I saw their dreams written in blue, green, red and orange. Some were tiny, almost hidden. Others were scrawled across the board, pictures and formulas punctuating their messages:

"Make an amazing historical discovery that changes how we see history itself!"

"Create the next greatest equation and become the next Einstein (E=MC2)."

"Answer people’s prayers."

"I would save all the endangered animals in the world."

I could feel the dreamer in me stirring. Growing. Dreaming once again. What would I do if I could pursue my dreams without being tethered by fear? I found my answer. And if you ever see that big presentation board, you just might see it tucked away on a corner.

I may be older, but I think maybe I had it right before. And maybe someday I’ll see you in Paris. Or, rather, you’ll see me.


Signature Lety Laurel


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Can you guess where this is?

Where is this??


In the South Texas night air, a raw oil collection tank stands as a testament to the new 21st century black-gold rush along the Eagle Ford Shale. Hard-working Carrizo Springs is now facing extraordinary challenges from this unprecedented economic boom.

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