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“We’ve raised our admissions standards, and students like what they see. Top-tier students want to come here because they know they will be surrounded by other top students, by top-tier faculty, and they will get a top-tier education.”

President Ricardo Romo, at the Sept. 24 State of the University address

“I have always been attracted to the Baroque, and I grew up in the barrio. I see the beauty in both, so I wanted to put those two elements together. I like the high drama. I feel like I’m staging my own opera.”

Arturo Almeida, curator of the UTSA art collection, about his San Antonio art show “Side by Side,” as quoted June 30 in the San Antonio Express-News

“Let’s assume that to some degree UTSA is the beneficiary of the fact that kids might not be able to get into the flagship [UT Austin]. It’s UTSA, not UT Arlington. It’s UTSA, not UTEP. It’s UTSA, not UT Tyler that has experienced this growth. What is the secret sauce? What is it about this campus, this institution, that has become such a magnet?”

Evan Smith, editor-in-chief and CEO of Texas Tribune, in an Aug. 19 interview with President Ricardo Romo about enrollment, demographic changes and graduation rates

“It was a tremendous achievement to win the WAC Commissioner’s Cup in our first season in the league. The credit goes to all the hard work and dedication from our student-athletes and coaches. We’ve always felt we had a well-rounded department, one in which we are successful across the board in all of our sports. Winning our third conference Commissioner’s Cup in the last six years is a great reward and representation of that success.”

Lynn Hickey, UTSA athletics director, in June

“As Texas goes, we’re likely to see the rest of the country going in the coming decades.”

Lloyd Potter, Texas state demographer, in a July 3 interview with NPR about demographic changes that could reshape the political landscape in Texas

“A strong community and a strong city happen when people are engaged. UTSA students want to contribute to making our campus, our community and our city stronger.”

Zack Dunn, president of the Student Government Association, about its efforts to register voters for the National Voter Registration Day project. There were 481 people who registered at the event on Sept. 27.


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