Campus meetings with UTSA faculty, staff and students in November

December 13, 2017

Following a series of campus meetings with UTSA faculty, staff and students in November, consulting firm EAB is in the process of finalizing its diagnostic report for presentation to the task force in early January. The task force will review EAB’s findings and organize action teams based on their recommendations.

A subset working group of the task force—comprised of Óscar Chávez, Brian Cordeau, Rhonda M. Gonzales, Raquel Marquez, Antonio Petrov, Tammy Wyatt, and René Zenteno—participated in a one-day conference with the Strategic Enrollment Task Force and a consultant from Ruffalo Noel Levitz.

Task force members also have reviewed select literature related to best practices in student success. Notable among their readings is Ventajas/Assets y Conocimientos/Knowledge: Leveraging Latin@ Strengths to Foster Student Success. This knowledge essay, released by the UTSA Center for Research and Policy in Education, looks at the unique challenges faced by Latino students entering college and how they might leverage their cultural wealth and experiences to overcome obstacles.