Equity Advocacy

Through the Equity Advocacy Initiative, UTSA will develop an overarching framework for implementing the recommendations put forth by the 21st Century Learning Environments Task Group to foster healthy and inclusive learning environments. The initiative will formally connect those efforts to the work of tactical teams on degree pathways and higher education access as a part of our fundamental commitment to diversity, inclusion and the success of UTSA students.

In support of the initiative, UTSA’s colleges and academic support divisions will develop new and enhance existing activities to advance diversity, inclusion and justice.

Student Success Initiatives

  • Student Success will continue its planning and program development efforts around a minority males’ initiative designed to enhance a sense of belonging, academic success, and increased student success outcomes; these efforts were paused due to redirecting efforts related to remote service delivery/COVID-19 in late FY20. This initiative includes the development of a specialized CSS 1201 college success course, a faculty-to-student mentoring program, and a living-and-learning community.
  • Student Success’s First-Year Experience Program is partnering with Academic Innovation’s Teaching and Learning Services to develop an innovative first-year experience that includes programming designed to guide students in creating their own first year journey that encompasses their identity/personal experiences and allows for expression of those experiences through their coursework.
  • The Enabling Clear Pathways to Degree Completion Tactical Team will work this year to reexamine the purpose and philosophy of UTSA’s core curriculum, making certain to offer courses that address and celebrate the identities and experiences of all Roadrunners.