Leadership & Staff

Tammy Jordan Wyatt, Ph.D.

Senior Vice Provost for Student Success; Provost Fellow

MB 3.212

Email: Tammy.Wyatt@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5717

Angelica Enriquez, M.S.

Assistant to Vice Provost & Manager of Special Projects

MB 3.212C

Email: Angelica.Enriquez@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5717

Angelica M. Barrera, M.S.

Associate Vice Provost for Student-Athlete Retention and Excellence

MB 3.212

Email: Angelica.Barrera@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-4302

John Bonner, M.A.

Director, Educational Outreach Student Support Programs

MB 0.312

Email: John.Bonner@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7510

Amy Buechler-Steubing, Ed.D.

Assistant Vice Provost, Strategic Initiatives and Learning Innovation; Academic Innovation Fellow

MB 3.212D

Email: Amy.Buechler-Steubing@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-7114

Airika Crawford, LLMSW

Senior Director, Bexar County Fostering Educational Success Program

ITC 1.01.03

Email: Airika.Buford@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5753

Virginia Cervantes

Budget Analyst II

Email: Virginia.Cervantes@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-7458

Maggie Floyd

Senior Director, Student Development, Leadership, Belonging, and Academic Support Programs

MS 1.02.04

Email: Margaret.Floyd@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5606

Zinthia Garza

Business Service Center Manager

MB 3.212

Email: Zinthia.Garza@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-4302

James Gellido

Business Service Center Specialist II

MB 3.212

Email: James.Gellido@utsa.edu

Mary Gibson

Business Service Center Specialist III

MB 3.212

Email: Mary.Gibson@utsa.edu
Phone: (210) 458-7972

Dan Gockley

Executive Director, Housing and Residence Life

L09 09.108

Email: Daniel.Gockley@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6200

Ruth Hernandez

Business Service Center Specialist II

MB 3.212

Email: Ruth.Hernandez@utsa.edu

Vince Hernandez, M.Ed.

Executive Director for Academic Advising

Student Success Center

Email: Vince.Hernandez@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-4302

Kelley Marcantel, MBA

Director, Fiscal Administration

MB 3.212

Email: Kelley.Marcantel@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-2837

Emily Marcotte, M.A.Ed.

Senior Associate Director and Foster Care Liaison, Fostering Futures Program

MS 2.03.02

Email: Emily.Marcotte@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-6958

Sapna Naik, Ph.D.

Assessment Analyst

Email: Sapna.Naik@utsa.edu

Claudia Rueda, Ph.D.

Senior Grant Development Specialist

Email: Claudia.Rueda@utsa.edu

Barbara Smith

Executive Director, Transfer and Transition Student Success Services

Student Success Center

Email: Barbara.Smith@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5586

Student Success Fellows

Jill Ford

Assistant Dean, Klesse College Student Success Center

EB 2.04.32

Email: Jill.Ford@utsa.edu
Phone: 210-458-5648

Student Staff

Christina Daou

Graduate Assistant – Student Thriving Research

Email: Christina.Daou@utsa.edu

Donald Escamilla

Graduate Assistant – Response Team

Email: Donald.Escamilla@utsa.edu

Brooke Lane

Digital Fluency Coach

Email: Brooke.Lane@utsa.edu

Alexa Oballe-Escareno

Digital Fluency Coach

Email: Alexa.Oballe-Escareno@utsa.edu

Maria Resendez

Student Assistant I

Email: Maria.Resendez@utsa.edu

Ted Thao

Graduate Assistant

Email: Ted.Thao@utsa.edu

Travis Walker

Graduate Assistant – Response Team

Email: Travis.Walker@utsa.edu

Ivanna Zamudio Treviño

Graduate Assistant – Student Thriving Research

Email: Ivanna.ZamudioTrevino@utsa.edu