Students are given individualized coaching, tutoring, and supplemental instruction to help sharpen the skills necessary to be successful in college.

Yes, all students who have been accepted into the program receive a $2500.00 (up to two years) scholarship for the first and second academic years. Scholarship will be disbursed over four semesters.

Yes, all students wishing to be considered for the program need to have at least a 2.5 high school GPA {on a 4.0 point scale}.

No, the ACE program is designed for all students who are currently a high school senior and who are enrolling into UTSA for the first time.

All ACE students are required to attend all classes at the downtown campus during the first Fall semester of freshman year.

All students in the ACE program will be required to take a minimum of 12 college level hours.

All ACE students will be enrolled in the College Success Seminar, which is designed to help students enhance their study skills and promote their success at UTSA.

Complete the application on the ACE Application page.

Demetrius "DJ" Johnson, Senior Program Coordinator, Phone: 210-458-2838, Email: demetrius.johnson@utsa.edu