Leave Some Time to Prepare

To ensure a smooth return to working on-campus, Tech Solutions urges each returning employee to set aside time to check that their technology is ready to use. 

Returning employees will need to:

  1. Bring their portable UTSA computer/device to campus (if they have one) even if they have a computer in their office
  2. Bring all peripheral equipment (power adapters, mice, headphones, etc) needed to work from campus
  3. Boot any dormant computers that have been in their office during the pandemic and allow a few hours for necessary updates.


Please find detailed instructions for each of these steps and more below:

Before Arriving:

Bring Your Device  
Peripheral Equipment (monitors, keyboards, etc.)  
Bring Your Tech Accessories  
Plan for Setup Time  

Once You Arrive:

Log in to your UTSA Computer on Campus  
Update Your Office Computer  
Check your installed applications  
Test your printer connection  
Check your telephone equipment