I am currently a UTS Bold Careers Ambassador working on a virtual desktop application so that any student, faculty, or staff can access UTSA applications from the comfort of their own home. I think what I enjoy the most about the program itself, is how there is a broad range of jobs that you could be assigned to and how they tailor it to what you want to do and what you are looking for.

Jasmine Phan, Chemical Engineering, Bold Careers Ambassador

I am currently working under infrastructure and it is all of the behind-the-scenes that help keeps UTSA running! I love seeing all of the different networks and systems that keep us so connected!

Alex Navarro, Construction Science & Management, Bold Careers Ambassador

I am currently working as a Marketing intern for UTSA UTS. I most enjoy seeing the work I do be actively used and published on UTS social media. It makes me feel as if I am making a real impact on the program and its mission to help students and faculty.

Jaci Finch, Business Marketing, Bold Careers Intern

I am working as a University Technology Solutions Cybersecurity Operations Intern. My role as an intern focuses on mitigating Microsoft alerts and properly cataloging how to effectively respond to alerts via creating cybersecurity procedures. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time interning with University Technology Solutions because of the friendly work environment and team-based projects and tasks.

Joanne Pierre, M.S. Information Technology, Bold Careers Intern

One key thing that I have learned as a student ambassador is that opportunity is given to those actively seeking opportunities. The Bold Careers Ambassador Program serves as liaison, exposing students to a web of possibilities—opportunities that help to enrich both intellectual curiosity and personal endeavor. During my tenure as a student ambassador, I had the distinct privilege to work with the Business Analyst group within the Enterprise Applications and Data Solutions (EADS). I learned the various components of the Business Analyst Foundation, understand the multiple steps of the product life cycle, and helped the team with projects, presentations, and publications.

Yves Guerilus, Business Management Cybersecurity, Bold Careers Ambassador

I'm an ambassador, and the thing that I like about working, in that space -UTS Strategic Services & Communication-, is that I get to see all the people that work at UTSA, to make a better experience at UTSA.

Dana Ramos, English, Bold Careers Ambassador

I'm glad I was able to get into this program. It got me the experience to be competitive in the job market.

Angel Lozano, Information Systems & Cyber Security, Bold Careers Ambassador