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Welcome to myappsvdi

University Technology Solutions is thrilled to introduce your virtual desktop console, called UTSA MyAppsVDI. 

VDI-web-graphic-04.png MyApps VDI will work on any operating system; You can use it on your laptop (Mac or PC), desktop, tablet, and smartphone. This VDI is preconfigured to work with UTSA resources and software, meaning you don’t need to configure your personal device to get your work done-- it's like having the whole computer lab in your pocket!

What's new?: Updates

There are no updates at the moment. If you are experiencing an unrelated technical issue, please contact Tech Café at techcafe@utsa.edu.

What is VDI?: An Overview

What is a Virtual Desktop (VDI)?  
How does it work? Why should I use it?  
Who can access VDIs?  
How do I access VDI?  
What if I am a Faculty/Staff member and want to utilize the VDI environment?  
May I use any browser to access the VDI?  
Are there any system requirements to access the VDI?  
What is the VMware Horizon Client?   
Do I need to download the VMware Horizon Client?  
May I access the VDI from my tablet or phone?   
Why are other users able to see other VDIs that I may not have access to?   
If I personalize my VDI, will my changes be saved?   
Am I able to save my information on the VDI?   
How may I access OneDrive for Business?   
I saved some information on the VDI and closed out and it’s no longer there.  What can I do?   
If my department is looking into getting VDIs created where we may save all of our information, who may we contact?   
Will MyAppsVDI be available after I graduate?  
How do I request software for the coming term?