The Wi-Fi network upgrades are part of our continuous effort to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of UTSA’s Wi-Fi infrastructure. Thank you for your patience as we work to improve your online experience on campus.  If you are experiencing Wi-Fi connection issues, please call the Tech Cafe at 210-458-5555 or send an email to

What's Next?

During December 2023, Tech Solutions (UTS) worked with our vendors to conduct crucial work on the AirRowdy Wi-Fi network. During the upgrade, AirRowdy_Student and AirRowdy_FacultyStaff were consolidated into one service called AirRowdy. The improved AirRowdy Wi-Fi service is offered to all students and employees and is easily accessible with your myUTSA ID (abc123) and passphrase. In addition to the AirRowdy Wi-Fi profile, the AirRowdy_Guest network was upgraded, but the separate guest network name (AirRowdy_Guest) remained unchanged.

As a reminder, when the upgrade was applied, it changed the Wi-Fi user connection experience. Upon your return from winter break, you must reconnect to the updated AirRowdy Wi-Fi network. To ensure a successful connection to AirRowdy, please review and follow the instructions below.

Wi-Fi-Instruction-1.png Wi-Fi-Instructions-2.png Wi-Fi-Instructions-3.png


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the campus Wi-Fi connectivity upgrade project. This list will be updated – be sure to check back regularly. 

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