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Pre-Optometry Information



For overview information, pre-requisites and holistic planning for optometry school, please click the “Optometry Handout” link for a printable version.

Click for printable version: Optometry Handout

Student Organizations

As a student at UTSA, there are a variety of registered UTSA student organizations available for students to be involved with during their college experience.  For a full listing of all student organizations including health professions based organizations, please utilize the Student Activities website: (Click “Health Professions” Categories)

For full information regarding UTSA Student Activities:


The UHPO keeps and maintains resources that will be available to students in our office.  These include books, journals, handouts, and other resources.  Useful information about optometry as a profession can be found on websites including:


In the “overview” section above, please click the “Optometry Handout” link for a printable version of the required prerequisites for the University of Houston (UH).  Please note that prerequisites are subject to change and we encourage all prospective students to review each schools prerequisites and requirements individually. 

To search for all Optometry Schools in Texas and nationally please visit:
or (Click on “About ASCO” and “Member Schools and Colleges”)