Joint Sponsorship

About Joint Sponsorship

At UTSA, a joint sponsored activity is any event, camp, conference, meeting, or program that takes place on any of the UTSA campuses, that occurs only after UTSA extends an invitation, and that is hosted by a UTSA/Internal Host and an Invited/External Host unaffiliated with UTSA. UTSA/Internal Hosts will arrange for use of UTSA property associated with the event, will obtain all required UTSA authorization(s) and permission(s), and will serve as the primary point of contact for the event.

All joint sponsorships must be consistent with Series 80105 of the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents and UTSA's Handbook of Operating Procedures (Chapter 8, Section 5). Detailed rules, regulations, and procedures may be found at:

In order for joint sponsorship to be appropriate, events must meet the following criteria:

  1. The program or activity must be upon the invitation of UTSA. The president of UTSA, or his or her designee, must authorize a Jointly Sponsored Activity through an Invitation Letter.
  2. For joint sponsorship to be appropriate, the implications of the event, program, or activity must directly supplement the educational purposes of UTSA.
  3. UTSA, a public institution established without regard to political affiliation or religious faith, cannot be a joint sponsor for political or sectarian events, activities, programs, or gatherings.
  4. UTSA department/unit sponsoring the program or activity (the "UTSA/Internal Host") will be ultimately responsible for all details of the Jointly Sponsored Activity. A representative of the UTSA/Internal Host must be present at the Jointly Sponsored Activity. The UTSA Communications Office reserves the right to approve all copy for advertising and news releases associated with the Jointly Sponsored Activity. UTSA may require an accounting of the income and expenses directly related to the Jointly Sponsored Activity.
  5. The scheduling of property, buildings, or facilities for UTSA's programs or activities, especially UTSA academic or academically related programs or activities, shall always have priority over the scheduling for programs or activities that are jointly sponsored.
The fees to be paid by the Invited/External Host will be a matter of negotiation in each case and will be specified in the agreement providing for the joint sponsorship. At a minimum, the fees must ensure recovery of all costs incurred by UTSA that relate to the Jointly Sponsored Activity.

To ensure UTSA meets each event's needs, Invited/External Hosts and UTSA/Internal Hosts are asked to initiate the approval process for joint sponsored events, preferably thirty (30) days prior to the event. For activities beyond a simple meeting, more lead time may be required for approval. If in its sole discretion, UTSA determines the application is not timely, it will not be honored.


The following steps should be completed by the UTSA/Internal Host:

  1. Complete the Application for Joint Sponsorship (1 page)
  2. Attach the application to the RowdyLink Event Submission form.
    • This form is where all event coordination will occur with campus service providers including space, audiovisual, parking, risk management, Police, etc.

    • UTSA may require General Liability insurance and Excess Accident insurance for joint sponsored events on UTSA’s campuses/facilities. This requirement can be satisfied by providing additional insured status for UTSA on an existing, acceptable general legal liability insurance policy or by purchasing a policy to cover the event and use of UTSA facilities. Liability and Excess Accident insurance may be purchased through UTSA or from an outside insurance agency. When the event requires insurance, provide a certificate of insurance indicating at least $1 million in coverage limits and include UTSA and the University of Texas System’s (“UT System”) Board of Regents as the certificate holder and as an additional named insured for the event and use of facilities. The Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management office may require additional insurance or place other restrictions or conditions on the event depending upon the size, location or nature of event. Indemnification Forms UTSA Indemnification Forms may be required for minors or adults, based on activity. The internal host must collect and keep all forms for three years. Texas Education Code § 51.9761 The Invited/External Host is also referred to as the “Program Operator” for the purpose of this paragraph

    • Youth Protection Program requirements may also be required for joint-sponsored events. For additional information and requirements for camps with minors, view the UTSA Handbook of Operating Procedures 9.51 Youth Protection Program.

Contact Information

We are committed to providing excellent customer service to both on-campus organizations and employees (UTSA/Internal Hosts) and outside organizations (Invited/External Hosts) planning events at UTSA. Please work with the appropriate office to ensure you get the most out of your experience as you begin planning for your joint-sponsored event.

The following UTSA Event Offices are available to assist university offices, departments, and outside organizations with the joint sponsorship process:

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