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General Reminders/Information about the Hiring and Recruiting Process at UTSA

These guidelines apply to the recruitment of all classified, administrative and professional (A&P) staff positions at UTSA.

  • All applicants must complete an "Application for Employment" to be considered for a position at UTSA.
  • Division Directors and hiring officials, or other designated persons, should take an active role in the recruiting process and maintain/ensure good documentation of the process. Retain documentation for a period of 3 years from the hire date, in accordance with State Records Retention requirements.
  • Externally recruited staff and administrative positions are advertised for a minimum of five (5) calendar days.
  • All selecting officials are encouraged to identify and recruit a diverse pool. Consult with the Office of Equal Opportunity Services for additional information.
  • If the posted position falls in a job group with a placement goal (as determined in our annual Affirmative Action Plan analysis), an email notice by HR Employment will be sent to the hiring manger.  The notice will indicate the category for which a goal exists (minority/female) and provide guidelines to increase diversity in the initial stages of recruitment.  A placement goal does not require hiring a person who is less qualified than another candidate is.  However, if in the final selection process, two candidates are comparatively equal and a placement goal exists, the affirmative action would be to hire the candidate that meets placement goal criteria.  In such cases, please contact HR Employment to receive guidance on whether either candidate meets the goal criteria.   
  • Professional norms of confidentiality should govern the search and screening process.

Non-Discrimination Policy

All qualified candidates (staff members and outside applicants) will be given equal consideration for posted positions without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran's status, disability or sex. In all cases, the best-qualified candidate will be selected.

Advertising Interviews
Posting Screening of Applicants
Posting Exceptions Employment Preference
Salary Posting & Salary Offer Recommendation Job Offer


  • All ads must be approved by HR. Ads can be attached in STARS or sent via email to In addition the requisition must be posted in STARS at the time the ad is placed.
  • Departments may place ads online, in newspapers, in magazines, and on the radio.
  • All open positions in STARS, with the exception of those posted as “internal”, will be listed with the Texas Workforce Commission in accordance with Texas Government Code 656.001
  • To decide where and if to advertise, consider the following:
  • Where is your pool of applicants most likely located? Will you be competing for this applicant internally (within UTSA), locally, nationally or internationally?
  • What is your advertising budget? No matter what type of media you choose, your ad must mirror the official UTSA HR posting. However, the longer the ad, the more expensive it will be. You can limit your expense by listing minimal information.

    At a minimum, include:

      • The job title/number and the UTSA employment link:
      • This is a security sensitive position. Employment is contingent upon a successful background check.
      • In addition, you must include the mandatory phrase: “UTSA is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.  Women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Recommended Places to Advertise

All advertisements placed in local and national publications in a display format must be sent to the publication or web site in a standard format featuring the University's logo and watermark. The logo and watermark can be located and downloaded from Its design and maintenance are the responsibility of University Communications.

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  • Externally recruited staff and administrative positions are advertised for a minimum of five (5) calendar days. If an extension is needed, please email your request to indicating the posting number & extended closing date. 
  • There are no posting procedures for positions to be filled by work study students, student interns, fellows, teaching assistants or students employed in academically related research.
  • Positions can be posted as either External or Internal:
  • External Posting
    This method is used to advertise positions that are open to all qualified candidates, including current UT employees and the general public.

    Internal Posting
    Such postings will be open only to current regular benefits-eligible employees of UTSA who are eligible to apply for internal job openings.

  • Grant funded or soft money (26 or 30 account) positions or those of a fixed duration (temporary) will be posted indicating that the position is contingent upon the availability and continuance of funding. Human resources is available to assist with other appropriate language as necessary.
  • A staff member who has been promoted and/or transferred normally will not be eligible for consideration for another promotion and/or transfer during the succeeding six-month period. However, in the event that the employee wants to pursue this option, in special circumstances, a waiver may be obtained from the Employee Relations Department after they have reviewed and approved the situation.

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Posting Exceptions

There are no posting requirements for:

  • Positions associated with a department/group/organization that are transferred from another University or state agency (in entirety) to UTSA (e.g. Texas Data Center). However, for those employees who choose not to be transferred, the open positions will be posted.
  • Positions associated with an existing grant transferred from another University to include incumbents working on the grant, people named in the grant (grant not secured yet), or people who, but for their involvement, the grant would not be secured. An email sent by the director indicating such is required.
  • Postdoctoral fellow positions. These positions are typically in specialized areas with a minimal number of potential applicants due to the highly specialized field/research. They typically are hired for a 1-2 year period, and return to their original position at another university. They are rarely hired by or become an applicant for a faculty position at UTSA.
  • However, HR does request that the hiring department notify Employment x4256 of hires/transfers (in bullets 2-4 above) so that the employee can be scheduled in a timely fashion for benefits orientation, etc. and that their transition to UTSA is seamless. Also, a completed Application for Non-Faculty Employment or the Abbreviated Application for Non-Faculty Employment and a resume is required and must be submitted to HR for the personnel file. Both application types can be created by having the individual log into STARS, click on 'Create Application', select the appropriate application type and complete the required information.

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Salary Posting & Salary Offer Recommendation

  • Salary ranges can be posted at the base level, with a range, or with the flexibility (i.e. commensurate with experience or qualifications). If the posting or advertisement does not post a range or does not state that the salary rate is flexible, the hiring manager cannot offer the position with a salary above the base level. Therefore, we encourage to post with flexibility.
  • All salary offers must be reviewed and approved by HR compensation. On the Hiring Proposal (on STARS), you will be able to list the salary you would like to offer. If an above-base salary is requested, in the “Justification for Offer” field, briefly explain the education, experience, and skills the applicant possesses which warrants the above base salary.

    NOTE: Offers of salary above the base rate can only be considered by Compensation if the position has been posted with language indicating salary flexibility.

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  • The interviewing process shall not be conducted until the posted position has closed so that all qualified applicants can receive full consideration. If a position is posted 'Open Until Filled', managers are required to review all applications received, up to the point that they are ready to extend an offer. At this point HR should be contacted so that the posting can be closed. At a minimum, three candidates should be interviewed, provided that there are at least three applicants in the pool.
  • A set of job requirement based interview questions should be prepared in advance of the interviews. Interview questions should be designed to permit a fair and objective evaluation of each applicant and consist of objective, job-related inquiries. Each applicant should be asked the same questions; all responses should be recorded in writing. To facilitate the hiring decision a matrix should be used. The matrix, questions and responses should be maintained by the department for a minimum of two years

    Record Retention Checklist - Contains a listing of documents maintained by the Hiring Department
  • For a list of acceptable or appropriate questions, refer to the Sample Interview Questions or consult with the Office of Human Resources.
    • Interviews can be conducted either in person or telephonically, if the applicant does not reside locally. Telephonic interviews must include the use of the same questions as the personal interviews; responses should be recorded in writing and maintained as described above.
  • References should be checked of those applicants interviewed; the same questions will be asked of each reference.
  • “It is the policy of the University of Texas to obtain criminal history record information on applicants who are under final consideration following normal screening and selection process for a position that is designated as security sensitive. All staff positions are designated as security sensitive and therefore, a criminal background check is required before the offer is made.

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Screening of Applicants

  • Search committees should be used as much as possible in reviewing, interviewing, and hiring Administrative and Professional (A&P) staff.
  • Search committee(s) or individuals responsible for hiring staff will create a hiring recruitment plan that includes:
    • A checklist review - to analyze basic and preferred qualifications/experiences;
    • Interview questions - job related questions that are asked of all applicants interviewed;
    • Reference check questions - questions that are asked of all finalists that are under hiring consideration and have been interviewed.
  • Each search committee conducting a national administrative and professional search will appoint a person in the committee, an advocate, to oversee the committee's compliance with the staff recruitment guidelines and affirmative action principles. The advocate will be designated in addition to search committee chairs. He or she will also receive training in affirmative action/equal employment opportunity procedures related to the operation of the committee. The advocate or search committee chair should contact the Equal Opportunity Services Office or Associate Vice President for Human Resources if questions or problems arise during the search.
  • The selecting official or search committee's screening of applicants should narrow the pool to the candidates who are the best-qualified candidates. A “best qualified candidate” is defined as an applicant who, in addition to meeting all of the minimum qualifications advertised in the position, also demonstrates knowledge, skills and abilities related to the job requirements that are determined to be sufficiently strong to make a significant contribution to the University and to the department's program.

    If the department or selecting official considers the pool not to be sufficiently diverse or has received only a few applications, he or she has two options:

    • The department/selecting official may request that Human Resources extend the closing date of the position.
    • If the department/selecting official is not satisfied with the applicant pool and wants to recruit a new pool, a new posting (new number), advertisement and a new deadline will be created.

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Employment Preference

Questions have been added to the application to easily identify those individuals that are eligible for preference in employment as either a veteran or a former foster youth.  Please make sure that you review the applications to identify applicants who may be considered under one of these categories.

    According to Texas Government Code: § 657.003 (a) An individual who qualifies for a veteran's employment preference is entitled to a preference in employment with or appointment to a state agency over other applicants for the same position who do not have a greater qualification. (b) A state agency shall provide to an individual entitled to a veteran’s employment preference for employment or appointment over other applicants for the same position who do not have a greater qualification a veteran’s employment preference, in the following order of priority:
    1. a veteran with a disability;
    2. a veteran;
    3. a veteran’s surviving spouse who has not remarried; and
    4. an orphan of a veteran if the veteran was killed while on active duty.


    Texas Government Code Sec. 657.0047 outlines the following requirements to interview qualified individuals who meet veteran’s preference eligibility when conducting interviews at state agencies for posted open positons:

    • If interviewing six applicants or less, and there are qualified job applicants who meet veteran’s preference eligibility, at least one applicant eligible for veteran’s preference must be interviewed.
    • If interviewing more than six applicants, and there are qualified job applicants who meet veteran’s preference eligibility, then at least 20% of applicants interviewed must be eligible for veteran’s preference
    • If the qualified applicant pool does not consist of any individuals who meet veteran’s preference eligibility under Section 657.003, there is no requirement.

According to Texas Government Code:§ 657.004. (a) Each state agency shall establish a goal of hiring, in full-time positons at the agency, a number of veterans equal to at least 20 percent of the total number of employees of the state agency.

    According to Texas Government Code § 672.002 An individual who was under the permanent managing conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services on the day preceding the individual's 18th birthday is entitled to a preference in employment with a state agency over other applicants for the same position who do not have a greater qualification.

    An individual is entitled to an employment preference only if the individual is 25 years of age or younger (day before turning 26).

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Job Offer

A verbal job offer should be extended to the selected candidate only after the Hiring Proposal has been approved. For more information about Hiring Proposals access
Upon acceptance of the job complete and submit the hiring form to Human Resources.  HR will generate the written offer letter and forward to the new hire for signature.

In compliance with H.B. 558 passed during the 76 the legislative session, The University of Texas System requires male citizens/nationals who are from 18 & up to 26 years of age to provide proof of registration with the Selective Service System or exemption from registration, prior to employment.

The registration verification form is to be completed after the job offer and before the start date. This verification is not to be asked of all applicants. After you have determined your finalist candidate for the position (and made the job offer), and if the finalist candidate is male, contact him and inform him that if he is from 18 to 26 years of age, he will be required to complete a University of Texas Selective Service registration form.

Employment dates should be negotiated with the selected applicant.

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If a University staff member is selected for a posted position, transfer or promotion should take place on a date mutually agreed upon by the affected departments.

If a promotion is involved, the salary increase which normally accompanies a promotion will be discussed with the concurrence obtained from the Office of Human Resources prior to discussion of salary with the candidate.

UTSA Promotions/Transfer Policy

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Updated: July 2019