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The Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free service provided to UTSA benefits-eligible employees and their dependents. The EAP offers a wide variety of counseling, referral and consultation services, which are designed to assist in resolving work or life issues in order to live more balanced lives. 

Services are completely confidential and can be easily accessed by calling the toll-free helpline. Deer Oaks services are available 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

For coordination of department training needs, critical incident on-site counseling or general service inquiries please contact People Excellence.

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Off-Campus Counseling

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Available Services

A network of 50,000 mental health providers throughout the United States is available to provide in-person assessment and counseling services to members wherever they may reside. Counselors may also conduct comprehensive assessments by phone and provide in-the-moment telephone support and crisis intervention.

Deer Oaks can provide therapy services in numerous languages. Services are available for telephone interpretation in over 190 of the most commonly spoken languages and dialects.

Counselors provide referrals to community resources, member health plans, support groups, legal resources and child/elder care services.

Access unlimited telephone consultation with a plan attorney and a free 30-minute in-person consultation. If representation is required, receive a 25% discount on hourly attorney fees. Additionally, you can have unlimited online access to a wealth of educational legal resources, links, tools and forms.

Take advantage of unlimited telephone consultation with a financial counselor qualified to advise on a range of financial issues such as bankruptcy prevention, debt reduction and financial planning. Access a credit report review by a financial counselor and tips for improvement, as well as unlimited online access to a wealth of educational financial resources, links, tools and forms, including tax guides, financial calculators and more.

Create a legally-binding simple state specific will at no cost through a step by step online interview process. Access this service through Deer Oaks online.

Access a free identity monitoring program through Deer Oaks online. Annual free renewal is required to re-register and update information.

Access a free 30-minute telephone consultation with an Identity Recovery Professional, a customized action plan and consultation, ongoing identity recovery guidance and free identity monitoring service.

Work/Life Consultants are available to assist members with a wide range of daily living resources such as pet sitters, event planners, home repair, tutors and moving services. Simply call the Deer Oaks helpline for resource and referral information.

This program assists participants caring for children and/or aging parents with the search for licensed, regulated and inspected child and elder care facilities in their area. Searchable databases and other resources are also available online.

Deer Oaks encourages not only the mental health, but also the physical health and wellbeing of members. Work/life consultants are available to provide referrals to providers, specialists and resources to meet specific needs, such as safety programs, support groups, fitness centers and nutrition programs. Through telephone or online coaching, Wellness Coaches assist members in identifying and maintaining strategies that support goals such as weight loss, tobacco cessation, diet, exercise and more. Members can also enjoy recorded health and wellbeing classes offered on the Deer Oaks website.

Deer Oaks reimburses members for their cab fares in the event that they are incapacitated due to impairment by a substance or extreme emotional condition. This service is available once per year per participant and covers fares (excluding tips) within the metropolitan city limits.