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Time Entry Tips

In the past, leave administrators have had to use the "d" screen in DEFINE to input ALL leave time anytime special leave was used, such as funeral, jury duty, administrative leave, etc. That is no longer true.

If you follow a specific order when inputting leave time into DEFINE, it will make your entries on the ETM much faster and easier. Start by bringing up your ETA screen. Before making any entries, follow the steps below.

FIRST: Determine whether you must document any special leave time for the individual you are entering. If so, GO TO THE "d" SCREEN FIRST. Enter only special leave time taken. By doing this, you will eliminate the need to enter dates and reasons for leave time taken other than special leave. Update by pressing F5 and return to the regular ETA screen.

SECOND: If any comp time/overtime or FMLA needs to be entered, go to the "x" screen, enter data and update like usual. Exit back to the regular ETA screen again.

Please skip SECOND step if an employee did not earn FLSA (Overtime) or State Comp hours or use FMLA hours.

THIRD: Finally, on the ETA screen, input vacation, sick and floating holiday hours. This is done by simply typing in the number of hours taken for that month. You will notice that comp time and overtime are already reflected in the appropriate columns. You will not see special leave time such as jury duty, funeral or administrative leave since these types of leave are not actually deducted from any balances nor are accrued.

Double checking the entries you made against any other leave records you keep is still recommended. This can be done by using the ET2 command (to check balances) and the ETB command (to check monthly accruals and deductions). You may also go one step further and view the ET3 screen. This screen reflects the employee's previous beginning balance, current month's accruals, adjustments made and balances.


Page updated: September 06, 2013