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Human Resources | Supervisor Toolkit
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Pre-Employment Processes Supervisor Toolkit

Pre-Employment Processes

All positions at UTSA have pre-employment process and procedures to ensure UTSA, state and federal compliance.

Recruitment and Staffing Supervisor Toolkit

Recruitment and Staffing

Considerations, procedures and approvals required to replace or increase staff positions at UTSA.

STARS Supervisor Employment System


Streamlined Applicant Recruitment System (STARS). Automated employment system used by hiring managers and their staff to submit and track staff requisitions, review applications online and submit hiring proposal for approval.

Employment Supervisor Toolkit

Employment Processing

Procedures, approvals and forms required to validate and employment decision and establish an employee assignment and payroll record.

Day One

Benefits Eligible In-Processing

Benefits eligible employee orientation and processing through Day O.N.E. @ UTSA

Employee Compensation


Administers fair and equitable pay programs and policies to ensure compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations governing pay.

Leave Administration Supervisor Toolkit

Leave Administration

Assists both employees and departments in understanding and processing the various paid and unpaid leave options that the University offers.

Data Cleanup for PeopleSoft Conversion. Read more.

Employee Relations

Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Office is dedicated to serve the University community by providing fair and equitable services in accordance with University policies and procedures and State/Federal laws and guidelines.

Separation for Service Supervisor Toolkit

Separation from Service

Procedures, approvals and forms required in the employee separation process.

Updated: March 22, 2013