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Applicant List FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What should the Hiring Manager and/or committee members be looking for when reviewing applications?

Individuals reviewing applications and making the decision on who to interview should be looking at the application and any additional documents provided at the time of application (if applicable) for the requirements of the posting.  In addition to reviewing how applicants answered the screening questions, a hiring manager should be able to see backup information in the education and work history section of the application too.  For example, if a job requires 2 years of work experience in a dental office, the applicant will be asked a question such as  "Do you have 2 years paid fulltime equivalent of work experience in a dental office?"   The successful applicant will answer "yes" to the question, but they must also list this job in the work history section of the application.  In addition, you should be able to count the 2 years required experience by the dates they listed for this job. 

What are the statuses I should put my referred applications through?

When an application is referred, the STARS system shows the application to be Under Review by Manager

  • All applications should be changed to Reviewed once the hiring manager has reviewed the applications for minimum qualifications. 
  • Applicants that will be interviewed should be changed to Interviewed
  • Those applicants that are considered finalists should be marked as Finalists
  • Once your applicant has successfully undergone the CBC and the Hiring Proposal has been approved and your candidate has accepted the job, change the status of all applicants EXCEPT the Finalist to Not Hired. Note: HR will update Finalist to Hired status upon receiving the hiring form.

What is the importance of putting the referral applications through the different statuses on the applicant list?

An application must go through various statuses to show the decisions made for applicants for the job. This information will become historical information for the job posting.  Not only will HR review the information, but in rare instances we receive Open Records Requests, this information may be pulled for documentation.

How specific should I be in justifying my hiring decision?

When marking an applicant as a finalist, your choices will be listed in a drop down box. When completing the Hiring Proposal tab, be very specific when justifying your salary offer. All of this information will be your defense if your decision is challenged. Remember: You are the person they will look to for answers.

Is the applicant summary information (gender and ethnicity) provided for a purpose?

Yes. It is there to give you an overview of the diversity of your applicant pool. If you feel your applicant pool is not diverse and not reflective of the population, you may want to re-open your search and target specific ethnic groups.


February 1, 2013