Out-of-State Employees

Remote work outside the state of Texas will require additional review and approval by the department, division and university leadership. UTSA employees may be considered for out-of-state employment if they fulfill certain eligibility criteria and are approved via the university process.

Remote work may be available as an option in situations where it supports department and business operations. However, it may not be right for every position or employee. The employee’s leadership is responsible for determining which jobs are suitable and which employees are eligible for remote work.

If approved, an annual fee of $5,000 per employee will be charged to the department to cover the cost of UTSA’s additional administrative responsibilities in managing out-of-state employment obligations with remote workers.

To initiate the process, the employee’s supervisor will submit an out-of-state request form which can be requested by contacting your HR Business Partner. Out-of-state employment must be approved through the university process prior to hiring a new out-of-state employee or prior to an existing employee moving out-of-state.

For additional questions please contact your HR Business Partner.