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Flexible Hiring Freeze - Position Review Guidelines and Process

| Hiring Freeze FAQ's | Guidelines and Process |

During the Hiring Freeze beginning February 10, 2009

All New (Audited) Positions require the standard Position Audit Process IN ADDITION to completion and approval of the New Position Justification Form (see New (Audited) Positions) below to access this form..

The following guidelines should be reviewed when considering requests for headcount additions during the flexible hiring freeze.

  • Is the position essential to meeting accreditation requirements?
  • Can filling the position be delayed without hampering our mission?
  • Is the position required for sustaining animal life, human safety, health and/or licensure compliance?
  • What project/work will be in jeopardy if the position is unfilled?
  • Is the position 100% grant funded, externally funded or funded by student fees?

Posting Positions During the Flexible Hiring Freeze

New (Audited) Positions:

  • If a new position is being requested, complete the (standard) required Position Audit paperwork and the New Position Justification Form.
  • Obtain appropriate signature approvals on all forms (through the responsible VP) and then forward to Human Resources.
  • Upon receipt, Human Resources will review the documents to validate compensation, title, etc and forward to the President’s Office for review.
  • The President’s office will return the paperwork to Human Resources. 
  • Human Resources will notify the departments of the decision and approved positions will be posted.  Departments should then follow normal recruitment/hiring processes.  Denials will be documented and filed.

Signature approval requirements during the flexible hiring freeze (in order of approval):
New (audited positions)

  • Hiring Manager/Director
  • Dean/Vice Provost
  • Provost/Vice President
  • Human Resources/Compensation
  • President


Updated: June 11, 2015