Office of the President

UTSA is well-positioned for a bright future

October 16, 2017
San Antonio Business Journal
UTSA is well-positioned for a bright future

Since his arrival at the beginning the current academic year, UTSA President Taylor Eighmy has been very busy meeting with faculty, staff, students, administrators, alumni, donors, elected officials and local community members. Outlining his vision of the future of UTSA, President Eighmy identified five themes that he will be focusing on going forward. Those themes include becoming a great multicultural discovery enterprise, an exemplary urban-serving university of the future, world-engaged, a fertile landscape for the cultivation of excellence among faculty/staff/students, and an institution known for operational and infrastructure excellence. 

With regard to the second theme – becoming an urban-serving university - President Eighmy went on to say:

Great cities need great universities and great universities need great cities. Active engagement with San Antonio’s research and high-tech industries, K-12 school systems, health care providers, cultural establishments and governmental entities will pave the way, solidifying UTSA’s role as a driver of San Antonio’s rich and diverse cultural and economic ecosystem.

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