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Jun 27, 2018

UTSA Downtown Campus expands course schedule options

UTSA Today
UTSA students taking classes at the Downtown Campus this fall will have more options to optimize their course schedules and reduce the need to travel between the Downtown Campus and Main Campus to fulfill degree requirements. Read more  
Apr 6, 2018

UTSA Day of Service

A social media snapshot from the 2018 UTSA Day of Service. Read more  
Apr 2, 2018

President Eighmy shares his vision for the future

Texas Public Radio: The Source
President Eighmy shares vision for the future of UTSA in a live interview on Texas Public Radio: The Source. Read more  
Mar 23, 2018

Inauguration news coverage

Special news coverage of the UTSA Presidential Inauguration which took place on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Read more  
Mar 6, 2018

President Eighmy maps out his vision for the school and the city

Taylor Eighmy, For the San Antonio Express News
As San Antonio celebrates its Tricentennial in 2018 and the University of Texas at San Antonio marks its Semicentennial in 2019, our community has a unique opportunity to reflect on its past while also envisioning its future. Read more  
Feb 12, 2018

Making the UTSA downtown campus the westside gateway

Rivard Report
It’s taken the vision of a newcomer – Eighmy – to turn a pipe dream into the first real plan for transformation in this long-neglected sector of downtown. For years now, San Antonio’s civic and business leaders have said great cities have great downtowns. Read more  
Feb 8, 2018

UTSA downtown expansion could add 10,000 students to San Antonio's urban core

Rivard Report
University of Texas at San Antonio President Taylor Eighmy says it is time for ambitious changes at the university’s downtown campus. He wants to triple enrollment downtown over the next 10 years. Read more  
Feb 1, 2018

UTSA expansion would bring more research downtown

San Antonio Business Journal
San Antonio’s urban core is expected to become a more prominent center for research if UTSA President Taylor Eighmy fulfills his vision for a greatly expanded downtown campus. Read more  
Dec 22, 2017

New UTSA president Eighmy has a goal: a 70 percent graduation rate

San Antonio Express-News
Sylvia Foster-Frau of the San Antonio Express-News, writes about President Eighmy's top initiative, which is fostering student success and with that, improving UTSA's four-year graduation rate. Read more  
Dec 13, 2017

Three months in, new UTSA president lays out vision for downtown campus

Texas Public Radio
Texas Public Radio's Camille Phillips speaks with President Eighmy about his plans for the university. Read more  
Dec 13, 2017

Hate speech does not equal free speech

San Antonio Express-News
A letter signed in unity with fellow San Antonio college and university presidents in a stand against hate speech on all campuses. Read more  
Dec 6, 2017

Mall site turned campus ready for next transformation

San Antonio Express-News
The San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board lay out both the challenges and possibilities facing President Eighmy's vision for the development of the UTSA Downtown Campus. Read more  
Oct 20, 2017

Under new President Eighmy, UTSA sets sights on student success

Rivard Report
Bekah McNeel of the Rivard Report writes about President Eighmy's vision for student success. Read more  
Oct 16, 2017

UTSA is well-positioned for a bright future

San Antonio Business Journal
In an article originally published by the San Antonio Business Journal, Dr. Thomas Tunstall writes about the five central themes outlined by President Eighmy in his vision for the future of the university. Read more  
Sep 21, 2017

Steve Spriester interview with President Taylor Eighmy

KSAT 12 News anchor Steve Spriester sits down with new UTSA President Dr. Taylor Eighmy to find out what plans he has for the university. Read more  
Aug 31, 2017

New president wants UTSA to be "San Antonio's university"

In an interview with Steve Spriester of KSAT 12 News, President Eighmy shares his excitement to begin serving as the 6th President of UTSA. Dr. Eighmy also discusses his ambitious goals and vision for the future of the university. Read more  
Aug 22, 2017

UTSA welcomes Dr. Taylor Eighmy

The Paisano
In an interview with The Paisano, Dr. Eighmy emphasized his dedication and great passion for the future success of every student at UTSA. Read more  
Aug 15, 2017

New leadership will help move UTSA to the next level

San Antonio Express-News
From the San Antonio Express-News on August 15, 2017. The San Antonio Express-News Editorial Board welcomes Dr. Taylor Eighmy as he moves forward with his ambitious plans for the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he will begin serving as UTSA’s sixth president on Sept. 1, 2017. Read more