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Building a Decade of Excellence: UTSA in Downtown San Antonio

Momentum at the UTSA Downtown Campus is electric as the reality of an expanded, vibrant downtown high-technological corridor takes shape for the seventh largest city in the country—San Antonio, Texas. Great cities need great universities and great universities need great cities. UTSA is at work meeting the demands of San Antonio’s thriving population.

From the mayor to city leaders, city businesses and industry professionals, UTSA’s 10-year vision has breathed life into downtown San Antonio, where new goals for the campus promise to provide revitalized population growth with students and faculty and serve as even more of a prosperity driver for the city. As a model for student success, as a great research university and as an exemplar for strategic growth and innovative excellence, UTSA is moving quickly to make its new vision for the Downtown Campus a reality.

“UTSA’s plan for the Downtown Campus is a powerful, powerful plan and will be a guiding force for the local economy. It places San Antonio in a position to be like Austin, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Phoenix, and even New York where all of these dynamic cities have vibrant college campuses downtown.” - Henry Cisneros
former San Antonio mayor, former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, local business leader.

Since Fall 2018, these strategic steps are advancing UTSA toward its vision:

Building the Right Partnerships and Impact

Strategically placing many of UTSA's capabilities at the Downtown Campus will make the campus a prosperity driver for San Antonio and enable transdisciplinary discovery by giving community, business and innovation leaders immediate access to UTSA's brightest minds.

To evolve how UTSA serves the city's social, economic and cultural communities, the university is developing public-private partnerships the likes of which have never before been modeled in San Antonio. These partnerships include entities like

  • City of San Antonio
  • San Antonio Economic Development Foundation
  • Bexar County Economic Development
  • 24th Air Forces Cyber
  • 25th Air Force
  • Army Research Laboratory
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • U.S. Department on Energy
    • Idaho National Laboratory
    • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Mitre (FFRDC)
  • NSA Texas
  • U.S. Secret Service
  • Accenture
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Build Sec Foundry
  • IP Secure
  • LGS Innovations
  • Noblis
  • Parsons
  • Peraton
  • Port San Antonio
  • Raytheon

The university is also working with several agencies to shape its degree programs to meet the city’s future needs.

The UTSA Downtown Campus expansion is about many things. But, bottom line…

It’s about excellence…in everything UTSA does.

“I think the hottest, most exciting thing happening in downtown is The University of Texas at San Antonio. UTSA is making an incredible move into an urban campus setting that I think is going to absolutely change the trajectory of that side of downtown, and, in my opinion, the entire downtown.” - David Adelman
San Antonio businessman

Join the Momentum. It’s Unstoppable.

Watch the momentum continue to surge as new plans emerge for classes, housing and opportunities on the new UTSA Downtown Campus. Be a part of the momentum now.

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