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Sep 12, 2018

Student Success Initiative Update

There’s a simple truth about UTSA that we don’t acknowledge often enough: we’ve seen dramatic increases in retention and graduation rates over the last decade. Read more  
Sep 10, 2018

Freedom of Speech

At our new student Convocation last month, I spoke about one of UTSA’s fundamental obligations: to prepare our students to be civically engaged so they can go forth and make the world a better place. Read more  
Sep 6, 2018

UTSA expands Downtown Campus with a National Security Collaboration Center and planned new School of Data Science

UT System Board of Regents authorizes $70 million for construction of facilities. Read more  
Aug 31, 2018

Introducing Incentivized Resource Management at UTSA

Tomorrow marks the first day of UTSA’s new fiscal year, and with it the advent of our new budget model and an entirely different approach to managing our institutional resources. Read more  
Aug 28, 2018

Our commitment to preventing sexual misconduct

Now that the first few days of the new academic year are behind us, I’d like to take this opportunity to address a critically important topic: our unwavering, university-wide commitment to preventing all forms of sexual misconduct. Read more  
Aug 27, 2018

Operation Defend the Dome

Join us in supporting “Operation Defend the Dome” for the football team’s home opener against Baylor on Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Alamodome to recognize and show appreciation to those who defend our country. Read more  
Aug 21, 2018

Welcome back, Roadrunners!

As you settle into your classes and adjust to the pace of the fall semester, allow me to offer you a few words to carry you through the year: Remember to dream big. Read more  
Aug 21, 2018

Welcome back, faculty and staff!

Welcome to the new academic year! Seeing our students return to campus for the start of the fall semester is such an exciting time – one of the true joys of working in academia. Read more  
Aug 20, 2018

Freedom of Speech on University Campuses

A selection of articles capturing a variety of perspectives regarding freedom of expression on university campuses. Read more  
Aug 17, 2018

'Time waits for now one': UTSA moves ahead with National Security Collaboration Center

The University of Texas San Antonio is standing up a virtual National Security Collaboration Center while they wait for a physical building, said UTSA president Taylor Eighmy during a speech Tuesday at the Cyber Texas Foundation’s annual conference downtown. Read more  
Aug 15, 2018

UTSA moving fast to launch National Security Collaboration Center

San Antonio Business Journal
The University of Texas at San Antonio is moving swiftly to begin research at its National Security Collaboration Center, even before constructing the center's planned $40 million building and as it looks for a director to lead it. Read more  
Aug 15, 2018

Presentation to the Faculty Senate

President Eighmy's presentation to the UTSA Faculty Senate on August 15, 2018 Read more  
Aug 14, 2018

UTSA launches cybersecurity center on Main Campus pending downtown home

The University of Texas at San Antonio’s $40 million cybersecurity hub is likely more than two years away from completion, but that hasn’t stopped the university from setting up shop in a 25,000-square-foot temporary space on its main campus. Read more  
Aug 14, 2018

Building partnerships to meet global security challenges

President Eighmy's presentation at the 2018 CyberTexas Summit on August 14. Read more  
Aug 10, 2018

Roadrunner Athletics Center of Excellence

This summer has been a busy one with the launch of our Campus Master Plan and Research Excellence initiatives, both of which will accelerate UTSA’s upward trajectory as a nationally-recognized university located in the fastest growing city in the U.S. Today I’m pleased to announce the launch of an initiative to move us closer to our goals for our athletics programs – a new Center of Excellence for Roadrunner Athletics. Read more  
Aug 8, 2018

A vision for UTSA's downtown campus

President Eighmy's presentation to Centro San Antonio about the future of the UTSA Downtown Campus on August 8, 2018. Read more  
Aug 8, 2018

UTSA President calls for creating bigger downtown presence

University of Texas at San Antonio President Taylor Eighmy forecasted the future of his school’s downtown campus and its potential to embed itself into the downtown landscape during a conversation with Centro San Antonio members on Wednesday. Read more  
Aug 3, 2018

Presidential initiative on research excellence

I am pleased to announce the launch of the Presidential Initiative on Research Excellence. Led by Dr. Bernard Arulanandam, Interim Vice President for Research, Economic Development and Knowledge Enterprise, this initiative will have a monumental impact on UTSA’s future as a multicultural discovery enterprise. Read more  
Jun 27, 2018

UTSA Downtown Campus expands course schedule options

UTSA Today
UTSA students taking classes at the Downtown Campus this fall will have more options to optimize their course schedules and reduce the need to travel between the Downtown Campus and Main Campus to fulfill degree requirements. Read more  
Jun 25, 2018

Presidential initiative on the campus master plan

Under the leadership of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Kimberly Andrews Espy, this task force will establish a framework for the development of UTSA’s campuses over the next decade. Read more  
Jun 19, 2018

Follow-up regarding campus consensual relationships

I am sending along a follow-up to my message of May 24 regarding investigations of faculty-student consensual relationships on our campus. Read more  
Jun 15, 2018

Budget and merit increase for fiscal year 2019

Over the last several months, Vice President for Business Affairs Kathy Funk-Baxter and her team worked diligently to craft an institutional budget for fiscal year 2019 that balances a multitude of priorities. Read more  
Jun 8, 2018

Strategic initiative on data governance and integrity

Making data-driven decisions is important to the success of any organization – but the decisions themselves are only as good as the data they’re based on. The primary goal of our next strategic initiative on Data Governance & Integrity is to provide all of us with the information we need to make effective decisions as faculty and staff here at UTSA. Read more  
Jun 1, 2018

Where we've been, where we're going

As our minds turn to preparing for the upcoming terms, I wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts regarding where we’ve been this year, and the vision for UTSA’s future in the decade ahead. Read more  
May 29, 2018

New peer models of excellence

Though we are forging our own, distinct path as San Antonio’s university of the future, there are lessons to be learned from the successes of others. Read more