Office of the President

Message from the President

Dec 10, 2018

Campus incident updates

As you wrap up your classes and work in preparation for a well-deserved winter break, I wanted to provide some updates regarding the various incidents that occurred on campus this semester. Read more  
Dec 6, 2018

Student Success Center Initiative Launch

Student success is one of our three institutional destinations, and our rapid progress is already garnering attention. We have aggressive retention and graduation rate goals and a rigorous Integrated Student Success Plan and Strategic Enrollment Plan in place to help us reach them. Read more  
Nov 20, 2018

Sexual assault investigation

Message to the UTSA community regarding a today's campus sexual assault investigation. Read more  
Nov 20, 2018

Preventing sexual violence and misconduct

Message to the UTSA community regarding preventing sexual violence and misconduct. Read more  
Nov 14, 2018

Outcomes of Monday's classroom incident

Message to the UTSA community with an update and final outcomes of the investigation into Monday's classroom incident. Read more  
Nov 13, 2018

Follow-up regarding yesterday's classroom incident

An update regarding yesterday’s classroom incident. Read more  
Nov 12, 2018

Today's classroom incident

Message to the UTSA community regarding today's classroom incident. Read more  
Nov 9, 2018

Veterans Day Message

I wanted to take a moment this Veterans Day to acknowledge the enduring contributions to our country from all of our Roadrunners Veterans. Read more  
Nov 6, 2018

Registration Issues

Thanks in advance for your patience, and I apologize for any additional stress you may have experienced. My goal is to provide all students with a flawless, easy-to-use course registration experience. Read more  
Nov 5, 2018

UTSA's Dean of Students

I am writing today to let you know about a restructuring of the leadership team within the Division of Student Affairs. Read more  
Nov 2, 2018

Our strategic plan in action

This academic year we’ve been busy rolling out the next set of strategic initiatives to get UTSA closer to our destinations as a great research university, model for student success and exemplar for strategic growth and innovative excellence. Read more  
Oct 24, 2018


Early voting for the 2018 Texas midterm elections is underway, and I have one simple message: The best way to make your voice heard is to vote. Read more  
Oct 22, 2018

Free speech, civic discourse and moving forward

I have spoken with numerous students, faculty and staff in the weeks since the protests that occurred on our campus, and I know there are many in our community continuing to process these events. I am writing today to offer some follow-up and information on where we go from here. Read more  
Oct 16, 2018

New Student Housing Initiatives

Fostering student success at UTSA requires a multitude of approaches, and we know that providing residential experiences is one of the many keys to this effort. Read more  
Oct 14, 2018

Free speech, civil discourse and preparing future leaders

Taylor Eighmy, For the San Antonio Express-News
The recent protests occurring across college campuses, including at UTSA, are reminders of the power of public discourse and the importance of universities to provide students with the intellectual tools for civic engagement. Read more  
Oct 11, 2018

Roadrunner Village Initiative

I’m pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new project that will influence the character of the Main Campus, benefiting both the UTSA community as well as our surrounding neighborhoods: Roadrunner Village. Read more  
Oct 4, 2018

Message regarding today's student protest

The current national political dialogue was evident on our campus today in the form of a student protest on the Paseo. Though the protest at times was tense, it reflected our adherence to the Constitutional right to free speech. As evidenced by the passion and emotion in the crowd, that adherence can sometime be challenging. Read more  
Oct 1, 2018

Classroom to Career Presidential Initiative

Learning happens everywhere — not just in the classroom. The sentiment behind this statement is far more than a mere platitude. I believe that experiential learning opportunities can greatly enhance classroom instruction and have a profound impact on student learning outcomes. Read more  
Sep 27, 2018

Strategic Enrollment Initiative Update

Our 2018 retention and graduation rate numbers are out, and they indicate we’ve made some excellent progress. Read more  
Sep 20, 2018

Response to inappropriate banners on campus

Earlier today we became aware of multiple banners hung on our campus with highly inappropriate and offensive messaging regarding UTSA’s football game with Texas State University this weekend. I fully and resolutely condemn this action on the part of the students involved in the creation and display of these banners. Read more  
Sep 18, 2018

Annoucement regarding UTSA's Downtown Campus

I’m excited to share some great news that builds on the recent $70 million commitment by the UT System Board of Regents to expand UTSA’s Downtown Campus. Read more  
Sep 12, 2018

Student Success Initiative Update

There’s a simple truth about UTSA that we don’t acknowledge often enough: we’ve seen dramatic increases in retention and graduation rates over the last decade. Read more  
Sep 10, 2018

Freedom of Speech

At our new student Convocation last month, I spoke about one of UTSA’s fundamental obligations: to prepare our students to be civically engaged so they can go forth and make the world a better place. Read more  
Aug 31, 2018

Introducing Incentivized Resource Management at UTSA

Tomorrow marks the first day of UTSA’s new fiscal year, and with it the advent of our new budget model and an entirely different approach to managing our institutional resources. Read more  
Aug 28, 2018

Our commitment to preventing sexual misconduct

Now that the first few days of the new academic year are behind us, I’d like to take this opportunity to address a critically important topic: our unwavering, university-wide commitment to preventing all forms of sexual misconduct. Read more