Business Contracts Office

Review Periods

Below are general timelines associated with the contract process. Note that these timelines are estimates only and do not include the time required in the purchasing and solicitation period.

  • Template Agreements: Standard or Template Agreements with no substantive changes are typically reviewed (redrafted if necessary) and comments relayed to the department and/or vendor within 7-10 days.
  • Minor Contracts: If the agreement is a minor contract (approx. 1-5 pages) with relatively high clarity and minor risk, it will typically be analyzed, redrafted, and relayed to the department and/or vendor for review within 7-10 days.

General Time Lines and High-Risk Agreement

  • High-Risk Agreements: Certain agreements, because of value, policies, or subject matter, can signify potential high risk to the University. See sample list of such issues.
  • Timeline: The timeframe required to analyze, redraft, and coordinate issues (and relevant departments) may be significant. Nevertheless, an initial redraft of such agreements will generally be provided to the department and/or vendor within 3-4 weeks.

Contracts Requiring UT System Review

  • General Business Contracts with a value exceeding $500,000: These agreements are also considered special procedure contracts and require review and approval by OGC. The only exceptions to this requirement are those contracts designated by UT System as Standard Contracts.
  • Timelines: Special Procedure Contracts and OGC review will require additional processing time (add an estimated 60-90 days to normal processes).
  • Board of Regents Approval : Certain contracts require the review and approval by the University of Texas System Board of Regents prior to execution. As a general rule (with certain exceptions), all contracts with a value exceeding $1,000,000 must be approved by the Board.