May 15, 2008

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Message from Gage E. Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

Power of Paradox – Living in a Both/And World


Adapted from a presentation for Administrative Professionals Day, April 23, 2008


Apparently, based on the two times I’ve given this presentation now, nobody else remembers as much about the TV show “Bewitched” as I do.  But we use a phrase from that show in our house a lot.  The phrase is “a disturbance in the atmospheric continuum.”  On the show it was used when something went wrong like Aunt Clara ending up in Bermuda rather than the Stevens’ house or they could feel impending doom, like Endora arriving to create turmoil.


We use it for things that happen that we can’t explain – like when KONO 101.1 shifts from oldies to salsa, or when we can’t get good reception on the TV.  Now when talking about our TV reception, I should explain that we are one of 15% of households in the U. S. that don’t have cable or satellite.  We still use an antenna and we can get stations from San Antonio and Austin – except sometimes we only get them from San Antonio or Austin or half of each – for no apparent reason – so we put it down to disturbances in the atmospheric continuum.


But it’s really both things are likely caused by the fact that we live in between San Antonio and Austin and the radio and TV signals are weaker out there and more subject to outside influences – AKA disturbances in the atmospheric continuum.


We really do live in the middle.  It is a one hour trip to the Downtown Campus and to the UT System offices depending on whether I turn right or left at I-35.  But San Antonio is where we run errands, go in for an hour and come back.  Austin is a special trip; we don’t just run up there – even though we have several favorite restaurants there.  Partly this is because I work in San Antonio and partly it is because we haven’t lived in Austin for 10 years so it is not as familiar, not as comfortable.


The theme for National Administrative Professionals week was “Forward Moving” – meaning the way career-minded professionals position themselves to continue to hone skills and take charge of their careers.  And of course, this concept applies to all of us no matter our current job title.


Now to be forward moving there is a critical element – you have to DO something and it is almost always a change.  You have to do something different, go someplace not as familiar, maybe not as comfortable.


So here’s where we come to our first paradox –


But first a slight digression to talk about what a paradox is.  From the on-line Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition is:  a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense, and yet is perhaps true, a statement that possesses seemingly contradictory qualities or phrases.  An example of a logic paradox is Zeno’s paradox – to get from point A to point B, first you must cover half the distance, then you must cover half of that new distance, and then the half of that new distance and so on and so on.   Therefore, you can never get from point A to point B.  Tricky, huh? (Of course if you’ve ever traveled any distance with small cranky children – you know this is actually true.)


But this helps illustrate our first paradox – the reality that all we have to do to make a change in our lives is to take one tiny, teeny little step forward – and that tiny little step is often the biggest step we’ll ever take.   It is both the biggest in potential impact and in how much courage it can take to make that one little step.


So here’s where the power of living with paradox can help us.  Usually what we do is worry about how hard or big or far off the end result is and we paralyze ourselves, don’t we?  We live in a world of either/or.

          If A is right, B must be wrong.

          If this is yes, that must be no.

          If I win, you lose.

This thing I’ve thought about is so big; I don’t have time, money, ability, so I can’t possibly do it.


But what if we turn Zeno’s paradox on its head and say, I don’t have to get all the way there in one step, I don’t even have to get half-way there.  All I have to do is take just one little bitty step –

I can get the college catalog today,

tomorrow I can call to see an advisor .


One little bitty step -I can get the training and development calendar and see what’s offered to help me learn a new technical skill.


One little bitty step – I can call the community education program of my local school district and take a dance class – learning is learning and then I can try for the skill I need for work.


This is living in a both/and world.  Taking a step that is both very small and very large at the same exact time.  That’s the power of paradox.


Paradox is also a little messy.  Remember our television signals; we’re never quite sure what our reception will be.  Both/and isn’t as simple as either/or.  But it’s also very important.  For us, when the weather is crazy, we need to listen to both Austin and San Antonio to get a clear idea of what will happen  in our little part of the world  - neither forecast by itself paints the true picture.


But it is in that middle place that we can find real opportunity and creativity which are always messier than the routine, the planned out, the norm.


Let’s take a second paradox that I imagine most of us have experienced at one time or another.


          It’s possible to be lonely in the midst of a crowd.


If nothing else we experienced it as teenagers, but let’s turn that one around as well.


We know that if we want to take control of our careers, to hone skills, or improve our world no one can do it for us – we have to take that step, big or small, all by ourselves.  But we also know it’s a whole lot easier if we have a crowd of supporters, folks who help us, who have done it first, who believe in us for whatever reason.  We’re on our own in that crowd, but they help support us as we move forward.


That’s part of what is wonderful about working in a university.   We’re in a crowd of people who believe in learning, improving their skills and who know how important that is.   You may have to take the step alone, but you aren’t really by yourself in this crowd. So don’t forget that when it seems hard; call up someone you know from another department and ask them to be your cheerleader or to tell you how they did it and learn from them how you might choose to do it.  Take those steps alone within a crowd.


This takes us to the third paradox for the day.  We tend to think of leadership as a residing in a position – president, vice-president, director, chair - there are certain titles or spots on an organizational chart.  But here’s what I think is the definition of a healthy organization – one in which there are leaders in every box in the organization chart.  That means for UTSA to be healthy every person in this organization has to be a leader.


If you are saying, wait a minute, I’m not a leader at UTSA, I’m ‘Just a__________', let me share with you a thought from Parker Palmer’s book, Let Your Life Speak:  Listening for the Voice of Vocation as paradox.


          “Even I - a person who is unfit to be president of anything, who once galloped away from institutions on a high horse – have come to understand that for better or worse, I lead by word and deed simply because I am here doing what I do.  If you are here, doing what you do, then you exercise leadership of some sort.”


Which starts to get a little scary because then all of us are responsible for the leadership in our many organizations – we impact it in different ways, but we all have responsibility not just The Administration.


 So leadership resides in one person at a time and all of us together – how’s that for a paradox?


One of my favorite philosophers, Theodore Guisel, says it very well,


“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot

Nothing’s going to get better, it’s not”


In case you didn’t recognize that, it’s from The Lorax by Dr. Suess.  – true about the world, UTSA, and about our individual lives.


So there are the paradoxes for you to think about today –


First to paraphrase Lao-Tzu, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a big/little step.

Second our moving forward has to be done alone, but is done best with a crowd of supporters.

Third – leadership resides in one person at a time and all of us together.


So if you want to make a difference in your life, or at UTSA, or in the world around you don’t wait until there’s a disturbance in the atmospheric continuum.  Go ahead move forward into that messy middle, into the world of ‘both/and’ and see what interesting paradoxes you might find.



Best Wishes,







Dr. Paine presents The Power of Paradox - Living in a Both/And World for Student Affairs Staff on May 13, 2008


“Leadership resides in one person at a time and all of us together.”


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Nearly 300 UTSA students received their UTSA rings in a May 1 ceremony at the Convocation Center on the 1604 Campus.


Dr. Gage Paine participated in the ceremony which she describes as one of her favorites: "I hand rings to a wide variety of students and the smiles I get in return are amazing," she said. "The students who choose to buy and wear a ring want to share their accomplishments with the world, and they are proud of having a degree from UTSA. What could be more fun than to be part of that?"


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A new dining services contract has been finalized with ARAMARK, beginning May 12.  A limited dining service is available through June 2, as the transition is made from Chartwells, UTSA’s current provider, to ARAMARK. Subway and Starbucks will be open during this period on the 1604 campus.  Subway and the Grill will be open downtown.  For catering services during this short transition period, please plan to use an approved caterer, other than ARAMARK.  Regular service, including catering service, will commence June 2.



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At this time, we would like to share our mission and vision statements and our core values.


Vision Statement


The Student Affairs Professional Development Team will be recognized as a national leader for its strong commitment to the development and transformation of its employees.


Mission Statement


The Student Affairs Professional Development Team supports employee development through continuing education and acknowledges their contributions and commitment with recognition and networking programs which serve to enhance employee satisfaction, retention, and advancement.


Core Values


  • We celebrate the uniqueness and contributions of all employees.

  • We respect our differences and seek to understand one another.

  • We support innovation and collaboration.

  • We promote constructive dialogue and the sharing of information.

  • We value a work environment that is safe, professional, fair and fun.

  • We value the importance of staff recognition, networking, and continuing education to the overall development of all employees.


Here are the three sub-committees:


Awards and Recognition – Marlon Anderson and Cari Goodyear

Continuing Education – Eric Cooper and Joe DeCristoforo

Staff Networking – Jana Kennelly and Re’Shanda Bridges


If you are interested in working on one of the sub-committees listed above, please contact one of the chairs via e-mail to express your interest.  This is an exciting time at UTSA and in Student Affairs.  Please take this opportunity to get involved and make a difference. 


Our leadership team members are the following:  John Kaulfus (Chair), Cari Goodyear, Carol Gonzalez, Marlon Anderson, John White, Edna Dominguez, Bob Miller, Re’Shanda Bridges, Marlon Anderson, Jana Kennelly, Eric Cooper, and Joe DeCristoforo. 


Please feel free to call any one of us if you need more information.




Student Leader of the Month


The Student Leader of the Month Award is sponsored by the Office of Student Activities as a means to recognize outstanding leadership contributions of UTSA students. Nominees must meet these criteria:

·         Full-time UTSA undergraduate or graduate student

·         Cumulative grade point average of 2.25 or higher at time of nomination

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·         Nominations must be for actions that positively impact the UTSA community


Nominations are made through the Office of Student Activities Web site and must be submitted by the fourth Thursday each month.


For more information visit the Office of Student Activities John Kaulfus. 



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UTSA wins second consecutive SLC Regular Season Championship on Sunday

Courtesy: UTSA Athletics - 05/11/2008


SAN ANTONIO — Junior left fielder Aaron Powell drove home senior first baseman Trent Lockwood with the go-ahead run in the sixth and junior southpaw Kris Ruepke tossed eight innings for the fourth time in his last five starts to lead UTSA a 5-2 victory on Sunday afternoon at Roadrunner Field and its second consecutive Southland Conference Regular Season Championship. Article..


Roadrunners capture second Southland Conference Outdoor title in school history

Courtesy: UTSA Athletics - 05/11/2008

It was the Roadrunners' first title since 2001 and their first indoor/outdoor sweep in school annals. UTSA, which has won the last three conference in­door crowns, had placed second the past two years, including a heart-breaking one-point loss a year ago in Nacogdoches. Story...

UTSA Soccer is offering the following camps:


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We are committed to enhancing student life, providing services for the convenience of the campus community, facilitating successful programs and social interaction, and creating opportunities for fostering an engaged community.  We contribute directly to the educational mission of the University by encouraging participation in educational, cultural, and recreational activities, and by offering opportunities for personal and professional development.

Who we serve: All students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other guests of the university.

Our innovations or successes: 

·    Implementation of Resource 25 as the campus event reservation instrument and calendar.

·    Creation of an online room reservation process.

·    Events Management and Conference Services offers faculty and staff a TX Class every six weeks on “How to Plan Your Campus Event.”

·    Rowdystock, an annual event showcasing UTSA student bands, was developed and implemented by UC staff.

·    “Dive into the UC”, an annual welcome back event during Roadrunner Days, hosted by the UC.

·    Student leadership development program via UC employment and a new Advisory Council.

·    Bringing new retail services to campus in fall 2008:  bank, mail services, computer store, etc.

Longest serving staff member: Fred Wilson, Assistant Director for Operations, April 14, 1997.

Newest staff member:  Sylvia Knopp, Accounting Technician, March 1st, 2008

You may not know that:

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·    UC III is anticipated to open in August 2008, with a Student Organizations Complex, a ballroom large enough to seat 600 for banquets (1000 for lectures), seven new meeting spaces, various offices, and a new location for Subway and the UC Information Center.

·    Jamel Hudson, a building supervisor and a lieutenant in the Army Reserves, has been serving in the Middle East since fall 2007.  He will return to campus in July 2008.

How you can reach us:  ext. 4735 for the Information Center and ext. 4155 for EMCS.

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Thank You Rowdy Travels Across Student Affairs

Thank You Rowdy has a special mission in Student Affairs - to travel across UTSA recognizing the good work of staff members.

Within the Division of Student Affairs, Thank You Rowdy is presented from one Student Affairs staff member to another in recognition and appreciation of work done well - taking extra assignments to provide support, offering unsolicited assistance, or completing tasks in a unique way.

Whatever the situation, contributions like this are made every day and Thank You Rowdy helps us recognize them.


To: Michelle Montanio, Carol J. Lee and Keith Pilger

We thank you for providing a student life experience that surpasses others; so students can grow and learn in a way that encourages creativity, innovation and diversity on our downtown campus. Your commitment to providing a caring and sustaining environment for our student organizations, student government and those cultural events that enhance the lives of our students is recognized and appreciated. The encouragement and mentoring of students provided by the Student Life staff on the downtown campus has helped many students balance work, family and learning in a positive way.


We especially appreciate your mentoring of students in a way that removes obstacles, that you have listened to student concerns and helped them plan a better student experience for all who attend UTSA, 

·     For your planning and organization of the La Despedida graduation ceremony that is so important tour

   graduates and their families we salute you.

  • And finally, with gratitude for all the ways you support our students as they strive to achieve personal and academic success and for the ways you help students reach their goal of graduation we salute you.


Rowdy and Fred Hample


Rowdy has a good time as he travels to UTSA Downtown!


Fred Hample reads his 'Thank You Rowdy' message to Michelle Montanio while Keith Pilger and Carol Lee look on


           Rowdy poses for a group photo


Rowdy chats with prospective student, UTSA Class of 2024, John Michael Cantu 

Rowdy attends the Informal Downtown Council Meeting; Sitting (L-R)Beverly Brown, Fred Hample

Standing left to right: Michelle Montanio, Melissa Bruni, Debra Cummins, Keith Pilger,  Karen Roth,  Stefanie Cisneros, Ruby Rodriquez


Previous 'Thank You Rowdy' Visits



Congratulations to Steve Wilkerson, Assistant Vice-Provost/Accountability, Institutional Research Office, for earning a PhD in Higher Education Administration from Texas A&M.  Steve is formerly a member of the Student Affairs family. 


Way To Go, Dr. Wilkerson!




Kudos From John White, Housing and Residence Life


Mr. White,


My wife and I would like to extend our thanks to you and your staff for assisting us in allowing Jordan acceptance into Laurel Village.  At this time, we can only express our appreciation through this message, but rest assured we are grateful...


Lastly, Paula Robins was wonderful to work with and extremely professional.  If all of UTSA is just a bit like her, Jordan is the lucky one.  We are looking to the forward years of Jordan's college experience and pleased UTSA chose him.


Thank you,


Mark Vallier



Kudos From Pat Graham, Special Events:


One of our graduates, George Restivo, is a master’s student in the College of Education and Human Development.  Due to his disability, he needed a teleprompter at the May Commencement ceremonies.  Staff from the Special Events Center, Disability Services, and Distance Learning and Academic Technology all worked together to provide the services required to meet Mr. Restivo's needs.  It was very nice of him to send a note of appreciation (below).


From:             Beatrice Amaro-Chavez  

Sent:               Friday, May 09, 2008 12:40 PM

To:                   Sally Crouser; Pat Graham




I just want you to know that George Restivo was extremely pleased with the set up and services for graduation. Thank you.


It was wonderful collaborating with you,  Dr. Graham, and the gentleman from Distance Learning & Academic Technology- Ernest Hernandez, Joe Tobares, Milo Silva and their team.


Here is a post script from George Restivo from an email sent to me:



George Restivo

P.S. Thanks to all for your help in providing me with the captioning services. It went off professionally as usual without a hitch. I was flattered and overwhelmed to all the attention and detail everyone took in making this a memorable evening for me.



Interpreter Coordinator



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