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January 2012, Issue 2

Rave Reviews

To the awesome, amazing people at the Visitor Center:

Thank you so much for your help with our orientation this past Monday. I really appreciate all of the assistance that you offered to be sure that our students were able to have a tour of Main Campus on their first day. Your tour guides were incredibly friendly and helpful, and very willing to point out buildings where our students would be doing placement testing the next day.

Thanks again!

We’ll be doing a post-orientation meeting; we may rethink how we offer the tours in the future. I’ll be in touch again soon, I’m sure.

Sherrie Voss Matthews
International Media and Marketing Coordinator
Office of International Programs

Thank You Rowdy presently visiting with Carol Gonzalez

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To: Carol Gonzalez, Student Ombudsperson, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
From: Melissa Evans, Multimedia Designer III, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairsr


First, I have to give you recognition and kudos for being the most patient person I know. I strive to have that same spirit that you exude of not only patience but of tact, sensitivity and openness. You are constantly aware of others and their needs, not only to the many students and parents but to this office and this division. The students and parents are lucky to have you as their student ombudsperson as you sort through their situation with a delicate and enduring spirit. While we are unsure of how you do it, we appreciate that you do! We lean on your spirit of problem solving when it pertains to the students so much that this office has joked (no seriously) many times that you are not allowed to take a day off! Not everyone can do what you do and certainly not in the special way that you do it. You seem to make the storms calm and the waters relax in only the way Carol can do!

Sincerely yours,
Melissa Evans