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When a work study employee exhausts their work study allocation and you are processing an HRMS document to end their assignment because they are out of work study funds, the reason code is Loss of Eligibility. If Loss of Eligibility is not used in this type of separation, the documents have to be returned to the original creator.

Many forms that have been in Public Folders are being moved to Please bookmark this website to your favorites for future reference as most forms in Public Folders will be removed in the near future.

Please create a student clerk pool in HRMS so that when your work study students run out of funds, you can move them to the student clerk pool immediately. If you do not have a student clerk pool created, the department will need to create one, route it through VPSA to HR and then at that point, the students can be moved to the new pool.

Information about interviewing prospective staff:
     ·  A prospective employee who has been requested to travel for an employment/recruiting interview, are limited to and may be reimbursed for travel expenses in the same manner as a state employee.

     ·  Prospective employees are not exempt from hotel occupancy taxes and may be reimbursed for those taxes.

     ·  A travel advance may not be issued to a prospective employee.

     ·  The department may pre-pay airfare for the prospective employee on a departmental CBA (central billing account) and the hotel may be direct billed thru the Travel Office.

Voucher Requirements
     1.  The term "Prospective Employee" must be listed in the title section of the voucher.

     2.  The voucher must list the title of the position for which the prospective employee.

     3.  The voucher must include a daily itemization of the meal (meals not to exceed per diem limit*) and lodging expenses.

* Please refer to GG1 in DEFINE for current per diem rates. Additionally, more information can be found on

Budgeted positions must be fully funded with permanent dollars prior to creating and routing the appointment in DEFINE.

HRMS Tip: Creating Ongoing Positions with Temporary Incumbents

How can I efficiently set up a non-benefits eligible position in HRMS to accommodate temporary employees who may work more than 20 hours per week for brief periods of time? Is it possible to keep such a position in HRMS for longer than 4.5 months without making the position benefits eligible?


To set up a temporary, non-benefits eligible position with no end date:

  1. Create a new position and set the Hours per Week at 19 hours or less.

  2. Select Expected to Continue in the Duration field.

By creating your position in this manner, the position remains active until modified and you can assign incumbents as needed.

To appoint/assign incumbents:

As long as the benefits-eligibility status of the appointment/assignment matches the benefits-eligibility status of the position, HRMS allows you to appoint/ assign an incumbent for a higher/lower number of hours per week. Incumbents will be non-benefits eligible when they are appointed under either of these conditions:

  1. At 19 hours per week or less, with no limits on end dates or

  2. At 20 hours or more per week for less than 4.5 months (135 days).

Most position and personnel changes should be submitted electronically (with necessary documents attached). Please route requisitions by:

Email : reclassifications (non-vacant position)
STARS : reclassifications (vacant position), new positions
Paper : requests for salary supplementation, requests for salary increases with additional duties, requests for student/hourly positions.

Please refer to the attached PDF document.


Effective July 24, 2009 - The federal minimum wage for covered nonexempt employees will increase to $7.25 per hour.

Employees-including students-that are presently appointed at rates below $7.25 per hour need to have a new appointment created and approved no later than July 20, 2009 with the new rate.

UTSA will continue to use the Replacement and New Position Justification Forms for another fiscal year (through 8/31/2011). The forms should be changed by HR to reflect the new expiration date. If you have departments reporting to your AVP or other staff in your office, please let them know. This also means that VPSA will continue the process for the temporary position request form. Student positions are not included in this process. If you have any questions, please contact Jackie or Bob.

It is the responsibility of the hiring department to verify current enrollment and GPA for student employees. Enrollment verification and GPA checks should be done prior to hiring the student employee and prior to creating the employee’s assignment in HRMS.

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