What's Average

Student Bob Reger poses for an offbeat marketing campaign about classes now being open to underclassmen.

What’s Average?

Odds are a student at UTSA in 1975 was a guy in his 30s with military service

[ This article was originally published in UTSA newsletter The Discourse in February 1975 ]

The average UTSA student is 34 years old, a Bexar County resident, and working on a graduate degree. Chances are one out of four that he is a veteran. These are some of the findings in the student profile for spring 1975, recently released from the Office of Admissions and Registrar at UTSA.

This semester a record 1,681 students are enrolled at the university. Men outnumber women 954 to 727.

More than 87% of all UTSA students are residents of Bexar County, but the student body includes students from 56 Texas counties. Out-of-state students make up about 3% of enrollment and represent 23 states and Washington, D.C. There are 11 foreign students.

UTSA students represent a wide age span—the youngest student is 20, while the oldest is 73. Average age of the student body is 34.

UTSA reflects the military influence of the city with approximately 9% of the students currently on active duty. More than 26% of the student body is veterans.

Most students at the university (60.2%) have been admitted to master’s degree programs. The remainder have not been admitted to a degree program (36.2%), are transient students who plan to transfer back to another university (0.8%), or are working on a graduate level teaching certificate only (2.8%). Almost 26% of UTSA students are planning to obtain teaching certificates.