Hightail It Home

UTSA’s cheerleaders in front of the homecoming bonfire.

Hightail It Home

Plans take flight for getting alumni and the community involved in UTSA’s first homecoming

[ This article was originally published in the UTSA newsletter The Roadrunner on February 4, 1985 ]

Students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community residents are all “hightailing it” to UTSA this week to celebrate homecoming, February 7–9, 1985. Comments such as “fun,” “great idea,” and “where can I get tickets?” have been heard around campus. Students and alumni, alike, are planning to have a good time at the many activities and point to homecoming as an effective way to promote campus unity.

“Frankly, I’m excited,” says Janet Montreuil, senior economics/political science major. “Homecoming is the beginning of a new spirit for UTSA. Alumni will come back and say ‘I went to school here and I’m proud of it.’ And by bringing current students and alumni together, it will give us a sense of cohesion—strengthen our common bond of UTSA. I’m really looking forward to the bonfire. Eventually, ours may even rival A&M’s!”

“I think it’s exciting to be part of a new tradition,” says junior Fred Medina. “Homecoming will bring students together, give us something to look forward to, and to work toward, even after we graduate.”

And those who have graduated are equally enthusiastic. Priscilla Ingle, a member of the UTSA Alumni Association’s dance committee, says the group has been working hard to make homecoming a success. “Homecoming finally gives both alumni and the student body a chance to celebrate university activities,” she says. “The dance, in particular, is going to be a lot of fun, encouraging alumni to come back to campus and see old friends.”

Busy coordinating homecoming events, director of student activities Jane Duckworth reports, “Excitement is really building! I think we’ll have a big, enthusiastic turnout and three fun-filled days to remember.’’

Royal Election

Vote your choice for homecoming king and queen February 5 and 6. Polling will be conducted in the HB Galeria. Runners-up from the five finalists in each category will join the homecoming court. The reigning king and queen will be crowned during the Roadrunner Review.

Queen canditates: Patricia DeBerry, Rebecca Fountain, Christine Carol Jones, Janet Provines, Deborah Strus

King candidates: Mark Dubose Jr., Ray Lake, Luis Salazar, Wayne Terry, Joey Villarreal