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Employee Educational Benefit Program - EEB

Directions for the Employee Educational Benefit Program Request form

This form is to be used for an employee to request use of the financial assistance made available by the EEB program. This form must be filled out each semester an employee is requesting the benefit.

Section 1: Employee Request

    • Employee Information

      Employee information is needed for processing of benefit.  Please make sure the Banner number and Employee ID are accurate. The Employee ID is the same as the PeopleSoft ID. For questions on Banner number please contact SIS Security at extension 7598 or email at .

    • Initial Boxes

      These five (5) boxes are to be initialed by the employee to document their understanding of eligibility requirements, revoking of funds and tax liability. These boxes do not allow for electronic initials. 

    • Classes during normal work hours detail

      If an employee wishes to take classes during normal business hours, they must list the class title, days and time. 

    • Degree Program

      Employee is to list the level and name of the degree they are pursuing. If the employee is not pursuing a degree, they are to list the class titles they wish to receive the benefit for.

    • Employee Signature

Section 2:  Supervisor Approval for Degree Program

This section requires a supervisor signature. The supervisor’s signature is approving that the employee's degree program, or classes relate to the employee’s current, or prospective, duties. It is therefore, understood that the program, or classes will allow an employee to do the following:

    • Prepare for technological or legal developments, or
    • Increase work capabilities, or
    • Increase the competence of the employee

Section 3: Supervisor Approval for Enrollment During Normal Working Hours
(Only available for Fall and Spring semesters)

If the employee requested to take classes during normal working hours, they should be listed in Section 1, C.  These classes should take no more than three (3) hours during the normal work week. 

If a supervisor approves the request to take classes during normal work hours, they can check the box and sign on the approval option. 

If a supervisor denies the request to take classes during normal work hours, check the box and sign on the deny option.

Note:  A supervisor may approve the degree program in Section 2, but deny the request to take classes during normal work hours in Section 3.

Section 4: Office of People Excellence Verification

The supervisor or employee emails the completed form to for completion.

This portion must be filled out before it is given to Financial Aid.

Completed Form

After all four sections are complete, the Office of People Excellence will forward the form via email to Departmental Scholarships (the requesting employee will be copied on that email) and send the original paper version of the form to the Financial Aid office via campus mail.

The request should be completed and turned in to Financial Aid no later than the census date of the requested semester.


Updated: May 2021