External Advisory Committee

Bryan C. Brewer
Boeing Company
San Antonio Site Core Engineering Manager
Area of Research: hypersonics/aerospace

Dr. Ahsan Choudhuri
University of Texas at El Paso

(915) 747-6906
Area of Research: aerospace

Dr. Siva Prasad Gogineni
University of Alabama
Chair of External Advisory Committee

(205) 348-6905
Area of Research: ice sheet/instruments

Dr. Marika Holland
National Center for Atmospheric Research

(303) 497-1734
Area of Research: polar climate, modeling

Dr. Donald Perovich
Dartmouth College
Area of Research: sea ice

Dr. John Schmisseur
University of Tennessee Space Institute

(931) 393-7274 • (571) 723-5515 (mobile)
Area of Research: hypersonics/aerospace

Internal Executive Committee

Dr. David Akopian
Professor and Associate Dean of Research

(210) 458-7718

Dr. Cristian Botez

(210) 458-6258

Dr. Dhireesha Kudithipudi
Director of AI Consortium

(210) 458-8539

Dr. Jose Lopez-Ribot
Associate Dean for Research, College of Sciences

(210) 458-6009

Dr. Jianwei Niu
Interim Dean, University College

(210) 458-7360

Dr. David Silva
Dean, College of Sciences
Chair of Internal Executive Committee

(210) 458-4450